Properly apply spray plaster for application to the ceiling

Spray plaster on a mineral base with its moisture-regulating effect ensures a pleasant room climate and at the same time looks very nice thanks to its fine grain. It is therefore quite appropriate to also apply the spray plaster to the ceiling to obtain a durable covering for the interior.

Beautify walls and ceilings with spray plaster or renovate

Many people rely on plastering instead of traditional wallpaper to beautify rooms and renovate entire apartments. The ceiling, however, is a special area that causes many craftsmen a headache. It is not easy to wallpaper or paint a blanket. It definitely has to be worked upside down. In order to maintain a uniform appearance in the room, many people now use brushing or spray plaster for both the walls and the ceiling. Before you get started, you should make some preparations, including:

  • Prepare both the walls and the ceiling match before applying spray plaster.
  • It is best to empty the entire room.
  • If some furniture can not be removed, they should be covered thoroughly.
  • Cracks or holes should be filled with putty so that you have a perfect surface later.
  • Bumps should also be repaired, as they can not be compensated by spray plaster.
  • Do not forget to apply a suitable primer, especially on the ceiling, where a particularly good adhesion is required.

The processing and advantages of spray plaster on the ceiling

Make sure to work as evenly as possible in order to obtain a relatively thin, but evenly applied layer of sprayed plaster. If properly processed, the spray plaster on the ceiling offers many advantages. It is an odor-neutral and vapor-permeable material that usually dries very quickly and also provides a sizeable surface for a long time. The painting of the ceiling after the application of spray plaster is usually no longer necessary. This will save you an unpleasant job. If you still want to give the ceiling your desired color, you can even dye the spray plaster before processing. However, only use products recommended by the manufacturer of the plastering material, such as tinting paint.

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