Spring cleaning for outdoors: clean the balcony slabs properly

By the first warm days of the new year at the latest, the balcony and terrace will once again become the center of attention. The balcony slabs weathered outdoor seats look after a few months without care not very good, usually they are covered by a gray-green layer of algae, moss and dirt. For the spring cleaning must be better again - so it works!

Combat green surface with chemicals?

The greenish coating on the balcony slabs can certainly be removed by chemical means from the trade, but not every product is recommended. Make sure that the product used is approved on sealed surfaces and does not endanger the groundwater.

Pesticides and pesticides always contain environmentally critical substances and still have no lasting effect. Less polluting products are often even more limited in efficiency, but there are effective home remedies for balcony cleaning.

Which home remedies are suitable for cleaning the balcony slabs?

Environmentally safe cleaning agents are in greater demand than ever before. We have put together some effective home remedies and, of course, technical methods for effective balcony slab cleaning:

  • For a light algae and moss coating on balcony slabs, hot water helps with vinegar and citric acid. This also works to combat rust stains.
  • With the scrubber, the dirt layer can be removed mechanically.
  • The steam cleaner with special attachment serves the terrace cleaning without special effort.
  • The high-pressure cleaner can also be used, a surface cleaner with brush is a useful accessory for the balcony. Before a dry cleaning with the broom is recommended.

Gas burner for the terrace joints?

If you want to use a gas burner to kill weeds in the terrace joints, you should use this device whenever possible when the plants are still small.

For larger plants, the heating takes a relatively long time and it remains a brown structure back, you still need to remove by hand.

Properly clean wooden balcony slabs

Even wood panels require thorough cleaning at least once a year. Here, chemical agents make even less sense: the wood could be attacked and discolored.

Only use warm water with a mild detergent additive to clean wooden tiles. When the surface is dry and clean again, it should be thoroughly oiled or waxed, depending on how the wood was previously treated.

Tips & Tricks

Do you use a gas burner to remove weeds from the terrace joints? Try it with patient consistency and burn the plants several times in succession at an early stage. You will probably have rest for a longer time afterwards!

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