Spring wood frame or slatted frame - What's the difference?

Again and again you come across the search for slatted frames on spring wood frame. But what is it really? What makes a spring wood frame different from a slatted frame? We'll explain it to you below.

Special slatted frame

The spring wood frame is a subspecies of the slatted frame, so it belongs to the category of slatted frames. Thus, each spring wood frame is a slatted frame, but not every slatted frame is a spring wood frame. What distinguishes a slatted frame and what makes the special of a spring wood frame?

Features of a slatted frame

All slats are, as the name implies, made of slats, also called strips. These can be either wood, metal or plastic, with the use of wood being the most common. By elastic plastic mounts the slats are attached to a frame or an elastic band, in the case of a rolling grate.

Features of a spring wood frame

What makes a spring wood frame special is the shape of the slats: they are made of layered wood and bent slightly upwards. If you lie down on it, the frame gives way to pressure and adapts to the body position. The narrower the individual strips are and the smaller the distances between them, the more comfortable is the feeling of lying. Depending on the sleeping position, you can also adjust the slatted frame yourself.

Plywood strips

The individual plywood slats usually consist of six to seven layers of glued wood. Mostly beech or birch is used for manufacturing. The veneer layers are not only glued, but additionally pressed using heat and pressure.

Slatted frames, which are not spring wood frames

Now you may be surprised to find that the description of the spring wood frame fits your slatted frame. Exactly, the vast majority of slatted frames are springwood frames. A slatted frame, which is not a spring wood frame, is e.g. the still relatively new plate frame, which consists of many plate elements that yield precisely. Another slatted frame is the multi-zone slatted frame, in which, depending on the lying zone, the degree of hardness is set differently or can also be controlled individually.

Tips & Tricks

If you like to have your head a little higher, then opt for a slatted frame with adjustable headboard. So you can individually regulate the height of your head.

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