Paint spruce wood - you have to pay attention to that

Spruce is one of the few softwoods that can handle all surface treatments relatively easily. However, you should still pay attention to a few things. What is important, you will learn in detail in this article.

Surface treatment of spruce wood

In the interior, spruce wood does not necessarily have to be painted, here protection by oiling or waxing is sufficient. However, if the spruce wood is used outdoors, or if it is likely to get wet (for example, shelves in the wet basement, condensation, etc.) then in any case, comprehensive protection should be provided by appropriate means. Here must be deleted in any case.

Which parts delete?

Spruce wood must absolutely be painted everywhere, if you want to have a comprehensive protection. In other words, spruce wood or custom constructions require that every part be painted on all sides - before assembly. Do not forget the cut surfaces after cutting.

Correct grinding

Any existing old paints must be completely sanded before painting in any case. Make sure that oiled spruce wood for the interior often has traces of the oil even below the surface. In this case, you must remove at least 1 - 2 mm from the surfaces. For all other old paintings a complete removal is sufficient.

Required wood surface

In order to make it easy to spread spruce wood, the surface must be completely intact:

  • always sand down to the raw, light background
  • completely sand off gray areas (otherwise draw moisture under the paint like a wick)
  • The surface must be completely dust-free
  • the surface must be completely level (fill gaps, cracks and depressions with wood cement and sand)
  • The surface must always be clean and dry before painting
  • the surface must be free of grease

Problem polishing

Spruce wood is easy to paint and varnish - however, spruce wood polishing is often problematic because of its wood structure and specific wood properties. Remember, when planning your project, it's best to use other wood if you want polished surfaces.

Tips & Tricks

Whether a colored glaze is still intact, or needs to be repainted, you can find out with a simple test: Put a damp cloth on the wood and see after 3 minutes, if it has darkened. If so, the glaze must be renewed.

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