Treat spruce wood - you have to pay attention

Spruce wood can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. Especially in the outdoor area, however, a corresponding protection of the wood is essential. Which wood preservatives are suitable for outdoor treatment and how to treat indoor spruce wood, read here.

Protection requirements of spruce wood

Spruce wood is neither weatherproof nor resistant to pests and fungi. It therefore needs in the outdoor area in any case a comprehensive protection, which also needs to be renewed sufficiently often. Most important is the protection against moisture.

Self-drying of wood

Good, constructive wood protection ensures that the wood can quickly dry again after moisture penetration. If the weather conditions on the wood are not particularly great, and drying is always rapid, it will increase the life of the wood enormously. This also applies to any construction with a different wood.

Mushrooms and pests on damp wood

Just damp wood provides the necessary attack surface for many insect pests but also for fungi. Many species, especially mushrooms, do not feel well on very dry wood and can not survive there. The faster wood can dry, the better its natural protection against wood pests.

Wood protection measures outdoors

Since a moisture penetration of the wood in the outdoor area can not be excluded, it is essential to provide appropriate protection. This happens through wood preservatives. Most important is the protection against moisture.

In addition, you should definitely make a protection:

  • against fungi - preventive
  • against insects - preventive
  • against blueness

UV protection is recommended to prevent fading of the wood over time. For this, pigmented wood preservatives are always needed.

Pressure impregnated wood

Spruce wood is occasionally offered as "pressure impregnated kessel". This is a process in which impregnation of the wood is already applied by the factory. Since spruce wood is not well suited for this treatment, the protection usually remains poor. Remember, and in any case apply wood preservatives to such woods.

Protection indoors

Inside, you do not need to protect the wood that much. Here, too, the growth or oiling of spruce wood is sufficient if it is not exposed to moisture.

Tips & Tricks

Use only approved wood preservatives with an appropriate test number. There, the effect is ensured by an independent institute, in addition, any health hazards are precluded by the wood preservative safely. Both cheapest products are not always the case, so they can be problematic.

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