Feed squirrels in winter

Feeding the squirrel in an appropriate manner

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

The opinions about squirrels could not be more divided: Many hobby gardeners look forward to the visit of the cute rodents in their gardenOthers chase away the predator to protect their beloved birds.

Because squirrels do not feed exclusively on Nuts and berries, but also like bird eggs back.

That's the same Topic of targeted wildlife feeding not easy to answer - Should wild animals be lured into the garden and additionally provided with special food? Does not proximity to humans contradict the animals' natural instinct for flight? Should you feed wild animals throughout the year, or maybe only in winter?

We provide you with important information about what you should consider in relation to squirrels in the garden.

Habits of squirrels

Squirrels are among the Rodents and are also known as Eichkatze or Eichkater designated. The color of the rodents can vary between red-brown and brown-black nuances and the bushy hairy tail serves the little acrobats as a control when jumping from tree to tree.

The squirrel is no longer found only in dense forests, but also feels in native and well-dormant parks or gardens, Here the animals find enough food or even specially built nesting possibilities.

Because squirrels live in a so-called Kobel she high in the treetop to build. If you want to lure a squirrel into your garden, for example, you can hang a squirrel in a tree. Here the female then raises her young in winter.

tip: Let yourself be inspired and browse through our Kobel construction plan page with lots of interesting ideas on the subject of squirrel-Kobel build yourself.

Squirrel in winter

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

Squirrels also leave the Kobel foraging in winter.

Already in the beginning of autumn Squirrel collecting nuts, acorns and other tree fruits to be observed. The small rodents already start to create a supply of winter by burying food in different places.

Although squirrels become significantly less active in winter, they do not hibernate like hedgehogs or dormice.

On the contrary: From December, the nimble rodents start mating, so the Females after 38 days wearing their first litter in early February Kobel to the world.

So it happens that the Squirrels have to be cold in the winter, tooto find their buried food supplies.

Especially the females have to eat a lot at the turn of the year and in early spring, in order to nurse and raise their offspring. If the winter is cold and there is a lot of snow, the human comes into play: Now it is worthwhile to support the animals specifically.

To feed squirrels?

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

In autumn and winter, you can assist squirrels with foraging.

The question of whether one should feed wild animals in general, is considered ambiguous. On the one hand, squirrels are faced with the problem in winter that laid out Food stocks under a thick layer of snow found poorly can be.

In addition, by autumn gardening or clearing and cleaning in public parks removed the markings applied by the squirrels, which serve the animals as landmarks in the future foraging.

So experts recommend that the animals are not all-year-old, but only specifically supported in the winter in their foraging should be.

Often, however, it can be observed that over time, the wild animals become more trusting and even eat from the hand. This looks cute, but is generally not wanted and even puts the animals in great danger.

Because the problem of too strong attachment to humans is reflected in the loss of the natural flight instinct of rodents.

So the squirrels come more often to residential areas where they free-roaming domestic cats or passing cars to the victim fall. These enemies are not present in a natural forest environment and threaten the populations in the city.

Build feeding places in the garden

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

Offer the squirrel a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruits and nuts are ideal.

However, if you want to support the animals in a natural way during a harsh winter, this is recommended Setting up a special feeding station for squirrels, This is not placed near the human or the cat range, but mounted high in a tree to realize a species-appropriate feeding.

But in general, squirrels can get through the winter well without human intervention. These measures are only supportive and not as a rescue attempt allegedly starving animals to watch.

DangerIf you deliberately lure wildlife into your yard, you should Cover rain barrels or a branch as a climbing aid insert, Otherwise, the tons will quickly become a deadly trap for the curious squirrels.

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

Feeding bowls should be placed at a sufficient distance from the human.

In the specialized trade you can special feed mixes for squirrels purchase. Seeds, small nuts and corn are often found here. Alternatively, you can put the animals themselves a valuable food.

Especially like Squirrel Sunflower seeds, hazelnuts in shell, peanuts and walnuts, dried bananas and other tree fruits, But also fresh fruit such as juicy apple or pear pieces strengthens the small animals and is especially eaten.

tip: Collect acorns during the autumn walk - they especially like eating squirrels.

Did you know that squirrels always eat upright? Thus, the attentive animals always have the environment in view and can react in time to approaching predators.

ImportantIf you want to feed squirrels and other wildlife in the garden, you should consider this limit additional feed supply to autumn and winterso that the animals do not get used to humans too much. So you get a healthy and natural behavior.

Feed squirrels in winter: winter

A feeder irritates the fur noses. He usually hangs in the tree.

Feed squirrels in winter: feed

Squirrels are clever animals. You open the feed flap...

Feed squirrels in winter: squirrels

... and enjoy a tasty nut as a snack.

What to do if you find a sick squirrel?

Feed squirrels in winter: feed

Squirrels leave the nest even in winter. Approach sick animals only very carefully.

Of course, you may find a wounded or weak squirrel on a forest walk or in the neighborhood. As a general rule These are wild animals that are in contact with humans avoid.

Therefore, you should be aware of some aspects before approaching the animal carefully so as not to scare it unnecessarily.

First, observe the situation from a certain distance. If the squirrel behaves abnormally, for example, not moved and apathetic, you should look for some Gently move the time to the animal with a towel.

Avoid fast movements and keep as small as possible so as not to look like a predator.

Danger: Squirrel have sharp claws and pointed teeth, Attention should be paid to approximation. If a bite can transmit dangerous germs, consult a doctor if necessary.

Feed squirrels in winter: winter

Young animals often explore the environment but are not necessarily ill or alone. Watch the situation.

Wrap the cloth around the animal and gently lift it up. Carry the animal in one warm and quiet room.

Here you can examine it for injuries. Does the animal seem emaciated? Can it work? Is something broken or otherwise injured? Is the coat shiny and smooth or rather dull and straw?

Put the animal with the towel in a box and offer it, for example small apple pieces and sugar water on. Here the squirrel can warm up and come to power protected. Especially Young animals are often undercooled and need a lot of heat, a hot water bottle can help here.

If you notice any serious injury, you should get one immediately Consult veterinarian with wildlife experiencen. He can also share contact information about possible nursing stations with you.

Danger: Experts recommend that wildlife should not be pimped up by inexperienced people. Contact experts who take care of the little rodent.

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