A stable foundation for Schalsteine

For the construction with Schalsteinen the choice of the foundation is very important. For simple privacy screens or those with low load, a custom built foundation is often not necessary. A sufficiently stable, load-bearing surface can be sufficient here. However, the surface should be thoroughly examined for its capacity. For structural structures, retaining walls or walls that are subjected to heavy loads (such as in a swimming pool or garden pond), a concrete foundation is ideal. This is poured and ensures sufficient stability. If a foundation for the construction of a garden shed needed, this can be quickly and easily built from Schalsteinen.

How is a concrete foundation built?

A foundation made of concrete is particularly resistant and sustainable. For this purpose, an earth hole is first excavated. The recommended depth depends on the frost limit and is optimally in a range between 80 cm and 1.5 meters. The hole is dug clean and without any remains of earth and then boarded with boards. This is how a clean conclusion is created. Now gravel is filled first, which must be thoroughly shaken off. Then the concrete is filled. This is ideally done in layers, in between the individual layers are compacted to achieve an optimal result. When the concrete reaches the desired upper edge, it is still smoothed out. A sufficiently long drying time must be strictly adhered to.

How is a foundation made of formwork blocks?

Schalsteine ​​are versatile. So a classic strip foundation can be built quickly and easily with the help of Schalsteinen. For this purpose, a correspondingly long strip is dug at the desired location. To ensure frost protection here as well, a depth of about one meter makes sense. Again, the lowest layer of gravel is poured onto which the scarf stones are applied. However, it is important to ensure that the switching stones are aligned correctly so that the foundation stands in the balance. If the formwork blocks are stable with the tongue and groove system, they are filled with fluid concrete.

A stable foundation for Schalsteine: foundation

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