Stain for acacia?

Acacia wood can have very different shades, and over time also weather off and change the color. Whether it is worth pickling acacia furniture, which shades are true to the original, and what you should always pay attention to, read in this post.

acacia wood

Acacia wood is a somewhat misleading name, as the real acacia is hardly used economically. As a rule, it is Robinia wood, which is only popularly called "acacia".

The highly weather-resistant, durable and fungus- and insect-resistant wood is mainly used as wood for outdoor use (eg for garden furniture). In addition to the other properties, it also has a particularly high hardness (hardest native wood).

Shades of acacia wood

The color of robinia wood (aka "acacia") can be very different. By nature, very bright tones occur, even almost white wood exists. At the other end of the spectrum are warm, dark browns. In the original Robinia wood always has a slight touch of green, which is usually well visible in both light and dark tones.

Many woods are pretreated by being dipped in hot oil. Even the lighter varieties change their color and become darker, usually in warm tones (depending on the oil used). Below the surface (visible after sanding with high abrasion) the wood can still have a lighter tone.

Color acacia wood

By pickling you can adjust the wood tone to your own wishes - but you should always make sure that the very hard acacia wood often produces other than the planned shades. Comprehensive tasting is definitely a must here.

If you do not want to wait for the natural darkening of Robinia wood, after a thorough sanding (to remove all oil-containing layers), you can try to finish with as many dark shades as possible. You should refrain from negative stains, as in many cases the color result does not look very nice.

Tips & Tricks

Especially with Robinia wood oil is the drug of choice. Certain pigmented oils not only protect the wood, but also allow for slight changes in color and also add color to the wood tone, so there are no visible color differences.

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