Dilute stain - what do you have to pay attention to?

Sometimes you just want to pick a certain, already existing color when pickling. What to look for when diluting the stain, and what types of stains are there, you can learn in detail in this post.

Types of stains

Important for diluting: stains can be structured differently. Some stains are water-soluble, others must be diluted with spirit. Only the right diluent allows diluting the stain at all. What needs to be used is usually stated on the package.

Adjust hue

To get the right color, you have to dilute the stain accordingly. For this purpose, the stain is first produced in original strength. Then you add so much diluent that the stain reaches the desired color in the wet state. This can be a very high dilution in many cases: 1 part of original stain to 3 - 4 parts of diluent is not uncommon.

color effect

The color effect and the color intensity of the stain decreases with increasing dilution more and more. Make sure that the stain has a slightly less intense color after drying.

To increase the color effect, you can go with a much stronger dilution again on the already applied stain, if it is already dried. So you can increase the color intensity a little without changing the color too much. The result should always be judged after drying.

Reproducible result

In any case, note the dilutions you have worked on one after the other. So you can always reproduce the result later, and know exactly how you can hit the right color for a specific wood exactly.

negative pickling

Positive or negative stains usually make no difference to the dilution. For a color-matched result, you must always try by tasting.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to hit a certain color, you have to try a lot in any case. For this purpose, sufficient sample space should be available (sample board, invisible, internal parts of a piece of furniture, etc.). Just make sure that it is exactly the same wood with the same surface treatment when you take a sample pick. Otherwise, the result on the original could look different.

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