Dispose of stainless steel as scrap and get it tempered

Those who are faced with the task of disposing of old stainless steel can already redeem a few euros for the valuable scrap in relatively small quantities. For private individuals, the weight of renewing the cooking utensils is often sufficient to redeem a few euros for the new purchases from pans, pans, bowls and metal sheets.

Household items and kitchen utensils

There is an almost unmanageable variety of stainless steels and the different varieties vary in the purchase prices for scrap metal. Depending on the type of application, freedom from rusting and type of alloy, it can be assumed as a guideline that higher-quality use consists of higher-grade stainless steel.

Common household items such as cooking utensils are made of stainless steel. The simplest stainless steels are purchased on average for about fifty euro cents per kilogram from scrap dealers and scrap metal dealers. Prerequisite is a variety purity, which in addition to the removal of all foreign substances such as plastic handles and the cleaning of stainless steel pans, pan, bowls and sheets required.

Technical constructions with hygienic requirements

The kilogram prices for precious metal from engineering structures can more than double when it comes to the most valuable types of alloys. The common names V2a or V4a steel are among the highest quality alloys and the type designation is usually stamped on the bottom of the kitchen utensil.

In all constructions, through which liquids are routed, which make hygienic demands, the highest-quality stainless steel is used. The prices for stainless steel pipes and tanks, in which food, drinks or drinking water were stored or transported, are between € 1 and € 1.50 per kilo.

Dispose by new use

Old stainless steel containers and components can also be used with a little imagination and creativity for a different use. Pots and pans are often practical as well as shapely as flower tubs. Stainless steel sheets can be used well as privacy screens or as protective roofs for beds. Stainless steel rods and edged profiles can continue to live for the installation of a decorative fence or sunk in the ground as a lawn cutting edge.

Tips & Tricks

If you only have single pieces or very small quantities of old stainless steel, the building yard takes it to your municipality or city, usually free of charge.

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