Stainless steel chimney - these costs are incurred

Not all newly built houses are from the outset equipped with a chimney, with many older ones it is in need of renovation. In both cases, stainless steel chimneys can be used - once for renovation and another time as a brand new chimney on the outside of the house. What prices you have to expect for such chimneys, and of which the price depends, you will learn in detail in this post.

prime example

As an example, we have searched for our family home, which does not have a chimney, an outdoor chimney for our stove. The planning has been taken over by a chimney sweep master, the chimney should be single-railed. The chimney length is in our case 4.5 m.

total price868 EUR
material625 EUR
Working time assemblyabout 3 hours


Details of the chimney in the example can be found in our service description.

All prices in the article are net prices.


Note that we chose only one pattern in our chimney. In your house and for your purpose other features or different dimensions may be necessary. In addition, we only calculated the costs of installing the chimney by a specialist company, but not

  • the connection of the chimney,
  • the connection with the stove,
  • the wall breakthrough and the
  • Installation of the chimney at the house

These costs will then come to you additionally and depend on the local conditions.


For stainless steel chimneys, there are two basic uses: either as a "refurbishment chimney" in an existing chimney (or to reduce chimney diameter), but also as a complete outdoor chimney if there is no chimney in the house.

Dimensions and dimensions

What dimensions a chimney must have, and which version must be chosen for the intended use at least, requires extensive calculations. The planning of the chimney should therefore always be carried out together with the chimney sweep for a concrete fireplace. Before the chimney can go into operation, an additional acceptance by the chimney sweep is necessary.

Basic price criteria for stainless steel chimney outside

chimney length

Chimneys for outdoor installation are usually calculated after meters, especially if they are finished kits. These kits are usually cheaper than chimneys in mounting construction. Our example chimney would cost about 420 EUR more in assembly method. In our example, this corresponds to additional costs of around 90 - 100 EUR per m in addition, which must be calculated for a chimney in assembly construction.

Number of trains

Outdoor chimneys can also be made in two passes. This of course increases the cost of the chimney. In our example, the chimney we chose would cost 50-100% more if it were two-fold - up to twice as expensive. However, you only need an extra train if you want to connect another fire pit.


The price depends on the required inner diameter of the chimney - in our case 140 mm. Internal diameters of only 100 or 120 mm would reduce the costs by around 20 - 30 EUR per m of chimney length.

In addition, the following criteria also play a role:

  • the temperature class (T80 up to 80° C, T100 up to 100° C, up to T 600 up to 600° C)
  • the corrosion resistance class of the chimney (1 - 3, depending on the risk of corrosion)
  • the soot fire resistance
  • the required gas-tightness class (in this case only N 2 and P 1 are suitable)

Basic criteria for stainless steel chimney for renovation

If a stainless steel chimney is used to rehabilitate an existing chimney, the costs are usually lower than the outdoor chimney. As a rule, you can expect between 80 and 200 EUR per m refurbishment pipe, depending on wall thickness and cross section. An exemplary overview shows the following table:

Pipe diameterWall thicknessprice
100 mm0.6 mm80 - 120 EUR per m
140 mm0.6 mm90 - 120 EUR per m
200 mm0.6 mm100 - 145 EUR per m
250 mm0.8 mm130 - 180 EUR per m
300 mm1 mm160 - 220 EUR per m

Insulation of the pipe

The redevelopment pipes can also be executed in individual cases as so-called chamotte (that is sheathed with insulating materials, sometimes also ventilated). The chamotte can be either with bulk insulation, with Mineralfaserdämmmatten executed. Depending on the type of insulation, this leads to different prices.

Fireclay pipe diameterType of insulationPrice per m
120 mm2 cm mineral fiber insulating mat90 - 130 EUR per m
120 mm3 cm mineral fiber insulating mat95 - 135 EUR per m
120 mm3 cm bedding insulation80 - 115 EUR per m

Cost of possibly additional work required

Depending on the type of planned project and your local conditions, you may need additional so-called "fittings" for the chimney (connection, wall grommets, exhaust flaps, etc.). The prices of moldings can vary significantly, depending on the type of stainless steel chimney. For example, a 45° bend for our exemplary 140 mm chimney can cost up to 170 EUR, a boiler connection piece up to 300 EUR for constructed chimneys. With kits, however, these moldings are usually cheaper, often included in the kit at the full price.

Conservative factors

  • smaller pipe diameter
  • simpler design, less corrosion resistant (outer chimney)
  • one-time execution
  • Kit (outdoor chimney)

Increasing factors

  • several trains needed
  • Chamotte needed
  • Installation version of the chimney (outer chimney)

Saving opportunities through self-construction or personal contribution

External chimney

Especially with kits you can theoretically perform a self-build, if one has sufficient skill. This saves around EUR 35 per meter of chimney. Keep in mind, however, that the assembly of the outer chimney and the connection must be carried out by a specialized company, so in most cases this saving is only theoretical.

restoration chimney

Since the chimney renovation also requires a subsequent connection and a decrease, there are also only theoretical ways to carry out the work itself. The cost savings per meter in this case would be around 45 EUR per meter.


Depending on which energy measure requires a chimney or a renovation, different subsidies may be possible. Comprehensive information about possible funding can be found in our general funding overview.

Tips & Tricks

In particular, you should not make any masonry penetrations (for installing the chimney) yourself. Many fire safety issues need to be considered here - mistakes can have serious consequences here (burnup).

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