Clean stainless steel

Clean stainless steel: clean

Stainless steel designations and types
  • Stainless (Stainless)
  • Inox
  • VA, V2A and V4A
  • Chromium-nickel steel
  • martensite
  • ferrite

Stainless steel is only nice if it is clean and stain free. There are many tips on how to clean and polish stainless steel without too much effort. However, caution is advised, because stainless steel looks indestructible, but it is not. For a long shelf life, it should be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis.

However, anyone wishing to clean the surface of glossy or brushed stainless steel without causing permanent damage should not use harsh cleaning or abrasives, scouring pads, or microfibre cloths.

That's why unverified consumer tips on stainless steel cleaning on "Frag Mutti" and similar platforms are definitely critical to review. In case of doubt, the care instructions of well-known manufacturers are safer.

Stainless steel dishes and cutlery

Clean stainless steel: clean

Stainless steel is omnipresent in kitchens.

In these commodities cleaning in the dishwasher or in the sink is just as easy, such as those of porcelain.

However, stainless steel objects quickly get water stains and fingerprints are quick to see.

If you want to polish your pots etc. made of stainless steel, you can either treat them from the outside with a special care spray or polish them with a home remedy (see below).

For a special stainless steel cleaner and / or care spray, please pay attention to the suitability for food.

Clean shiny or brushed stainless steel - home remedies - tips

  • Clean stainless steel: clean

    Unfortunately, microfibre cloths are less recommendable to clean stainless steel surfaces.
    For cleaning simple rinse water is sufficient. Do not scrub - better soak.
  • For shiny stainless steel, you can also use glass cleaner (chloride-free).
  • For a brandy with a mixture of soda, lemon juice (or baking soda, which contains both) and a little water first, then bring to a boil.
  • Stainless steel can be rubbed with the wet side of potato slices or potato peels and rinsed and dried after a few minutes, that is cleaning and polishing in one.
  • Rewarded stainless steel can be rubbed off with a paste of soda and lemon, then washed off and polished dry.
  • Grease deposits, such as those produced by extractor hoods, can be rubbed off with half a lemon, which is washed off with clear water after a certain amount of time and then rubbed dry.
  • Alcohol (eg alcohol or isopropanol) is also good for removing a fatty film.
  • For particularly stubborn fat residues acetone is also very effective. However, you should remember safety glasses, respiratory protection, good ventilation and gloves when cleaning with acetone.
  • How to remove flash rust can be found here.

Brushed stainless steel polish or seal with home remedies

For brushed stainless steel, you can use a little plain, colorless edible oil, or baby oil that is free of color and perfume, on a kitchen paper sealer. Rub the surface with it and polish with a new, dry paper towel a few minutes later.

Shiny stainless steel polish with home remedies

Apply colorless furniture polish to a cloth and rub in the stainless steel surface. A few minutes later you can polish with a clean cotton cloth.

Special stainless steel cleaning agent or stainless steel care

Clean stainless steel: steel

Dust extraction hoods must be cleaned frequently.

Cleaning brushed stainless steel (matt) does not really differ from cleaning glossy material.

For stainless steel cleaners and sprays, however, there are funds that are designed for matte or glossy finish.

So it's all about cleaning glossy stainless steel without streaks - therefore best with the product variants intended for it.

In fact, special cleaners are seldom needed, though they may protect against new pollution in some cases.

They are expensive and usually less environmentally friendly than well-tried home remedies.

Shiny or brushed stainless steel - remove scratches

With brushed stainless steel, surface scratches can often be removed with fine steel wool in the structural direction. In the same way, you should work on slight shiny scratches on glossy stainless steel, but then have to polish to a high gloss again. Suitable for this is whiting or a special polishing fleece for stainless steel. For larger surfaces, a polisher (or equivalent) and polishing paste may be helpful.

Clean stainless steel outdoors

Clean stainless steel: stainless

Stainless steel railings are popular, stabeil and durable, if they are well maintained.

Even with stainless steel railings or parapets and the like care is necessary.

It is especially important to always remove bird droppings, paint and plaster cuttings and other aggressive soiling as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it is enough to wash the material with soapy water and seal it with a special care spray.

Instead of the care spray also simple, colorless oil can be used.

However, the effect of oil is not as long-lasting as the good care sprays.

Harmful to stainless steel

  • chlorine is included in many cleaners, be sure to look at the ingredients and look for names that contain the word chlorine such as chloride.
  • Dusts of less noble metals - When working with metal such as aluminum, copper or plain steel, ensure that no nearby stainless steel parts are affected. Do not use tool attachments or cleaning cloths that could transfer dust from metal work to stainless steel, otherwise contact corrosion may result.
  • Lime, gypsum and other mineral substances and dustsThey basically look like a scouring agent and that's too aggressive for a stainless steel surface.
  • Faeces, urine, etc - Make sure that no stainless steel parts that are open to the public reach down to the ground, otherwise you will have to expect unbried dogs to urinate on them. This is just as damaging to stainless steel as the aggressive effects of bird droppings.

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