Build stainless steel wells for inside and outside yourself

The beauty of shiny stainless steel can be perfectly set by a creatively designed stainless steel fountain. From the column well to the ball moving in the water to the waterfall, many variants can be built with a little imagination. Combinations with other workpieces expand the possibilities.

Common geometric shapes and figures

A stainless steel fountain can be built and operated just as well as in the outdoor area. Due to the constant water contact should in both cases as
Stainless steel grade a high alloy steel of quality grade always be stainless chosen. The high quality also allows to operate the well with drinking water that can be used.

Components for stainless steel wells are available in many different shapes, which can be put together or assembled as a kit. Typical components are:

  • columns
  • roll
  • flat sheets
  • steles
  • Curved sheets and plates

As the most common construction forms one or more elongated elements are placed vertically or a stainless steel ball selected. The irrigation is either guided through holes in the stainless steel or impinges on the outside of stainless steel surfaces.

Basic planning steps

For both an indoor and an outdoor well, there are some decisions you need to make before you can build your own stainless steel well yourself.

1. Plan the substructure

Depending on the size and height of free-standing components, you must ensure a stable ground attachment. For fountains with heights above one meter, you should prepare a point or strip foundation with recessed screw threads. Depending on the type of well, the foundation can be "hidden" under a layer of gravel.

2. Define the water cycle

Its stainless steel well can be operated with a closed water circuit where the same water is repeatedly pumped by a lift pump to the upper outlet. Alternatively, a connection to tap water or a continuous water supply through a body of water such as a stream can take place.

3. Define the waterway

Depending on the cycle, you must determine the movement of the water as flowing water, in fountain form or in free fall. Inlets and outlets must be placed.

4. Select stainless steel grade

Choose only stainless steel V2A or V4A stainless steel, which additionally smoothed and sealed welds, fittings and joints of all types.

Tips & Tricks

Through the use of colored lighting, you can achieve many optical additional effects through mirror and transparency rendering.

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