Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the stainless steel gas grill comparison or test 2018

  • Stainless steel gas grills are sturdy, easy to clean and resistant to rust. You are valued by professionals for their good adjustability. Only the weight is rather high.
  • With gas, you get your grill running very fast (about 15 minutes) - ideal for those who do not want to wait long until coal or briquettes (about 30 minutes) are down-cooled. In addition, no annoying clouds of smoke.
  • Small families or couples only need 3 burners and a small grill area, which is already available for less than 150 €. Those who like to host barbecue parties or provide a large family, rely on 5 burners, correspondingly much power and a large rust.

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: grill

Barbecuing is the great passion of the Germans and the epitome of summer and leisure. According to VuMA, about half a million Germans even make it to the top: they grill several times a week throughout the year. And also the increasing number of people living without meat does not detract from the passion for the grill, because besides the classic sausages and the steak, vegetables, cheese and soy products are increasingly coming to the grill.

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: stainless

The steak is ready, you can start right away. All gas grills in comparison have a practical filing of this kind.

In the stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018 you will learn which performance you need for which number of persons, which safety aspects are to be observed especially with cheap gas barbecues made of stainless steel and and what else characterizes the material.

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1. Stainless steel gas grills: Durable, high quality, clean

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: comparison

Whether meat or vegetables: the BBQ party in your backyard will be a great success with a stainless steel gas grill.

Stainless steel is nobler and also makes a higher quality look as powder-coated steel or enamelled steel, as found in ordinary gas grills. However, it always comes silvery-gray therefore, whereas grill can be painted with other steel types also colorful (or black).

The advantages of the stainless steel barbecue are particularly noticeable when the device is in the garden or on an uncovered terrace. Stainless steel is weather-resistant and resistant to rust, Remember, though, they are not always without exception all parts made of stainless steel, why the grill according to the principle "weakest link in the chain" just a few rust can begin. Cover with a tarpaulin when not in use or place it in the tool shed.

Disadvantage of this construction: The models are very heavy, seldom remaining below 30 kg. And the best stainless steel gas barbecues weigh around 60 kg, Although they have a secure footing, but can only laboriously down a basement stairs or similar. After all: All devices, from the stainless steel gas grill test winner to last place, had wheels for better transport. They are also referred to as a grill car.

What makes stainless steel: The combination of chromium (at least 10.5%) and oxygen forms a protective layer that repels rust. An alloy with nickel increases the weather resistance. Only stainless steel guarantees a maximum content of phosphorus and sulfur of 0.025%.

2. The right gas and the right type of grill

Cutlery, doorknobs, razor blades, handrails and many other things are made of stainless steel because they are hygienic due to easy cleaning.

The gas grill will operated with propane or butane gas, Propane gas needs a higher pressure to keep it fluid and therefore heavier gas cylinders. It can also be used at minus degrees - unlike butane. Normally, manufacturers offer gas mixtures to combine the best properties of both gases.

The gas is sold in bottles of 5 kg or 11 kg and flows through small tubes to the burner. Thisheats the grill surface in no time to the desired temperature and you can start immediately with the barbecue. A temperature gauge, as it is available on many grills, helps them.

Now you just have to think about whether you prefer barbecue directly or indirectly would like. These are two different variants on which the food can be prepared. We have briefly summarized the methods for you:

indirect barbecuedirect barbecue
  • Burner heats grill food indirectly
  • Heat spreads out inside the cover
  • lower temperatures: it can be cooked longer
  • Burner heats grill food directly from below
  • high temperatures: Grill food is fast
  • Grill food can burn quickly
Indirect grilling is especially suitable for larger grilled food such as a duck or ribs. The heat is not so strong and it cooks the meat continuously. Since the burner is not under the grilled food and the flame does not touch it directly, the meat needs to cook longer. It does not have to be turned around and is comfortable under the cover.The direct grilling is especially suitable for smaller grilled food such as steaks or sausages, as quickly high heat can be achieved. The high temperature (note the display, if available) always cooks only one side of the food, which has direct contact with the flame - but very quickly. The meat must be turned with a barbecue tongs.

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: stainless

3. Sufficient burning power and space: What you want to pay attention to when buying

3.1. High performance, high temperature

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: stainless

The more power, the more heat: the indication watt tells you how hot the gas grill can be.

The power of the various burners is measured in watts, Compact gas grills usually have just under 10,000 watts, expensive gas grills up to 20,000 watts. So much power is needed only for extremely high temperatures. An average user who wants to feed his family with the barbecue in the evening, gets along with every performance.

The temperature depends on the number of burners, which each contribute to the overall performance. Exceptions are so-called side burners, which are used to keep pots with sauce or the like warm. Their performance is not added to the overall performance of the burner, which is indicated in the table at the beginning of the text.

The burners exist either made of cast iron, which is particularly robust, or ceramic, which allows for great heat. Some burners are made of stainless steel and distribute heat very well.

3.2. Large barbecue area for many guests

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: grill

With a 5-burner BBQ gas grill (in the picture easily recognizable by the number of buttons), no guest goes home hungry. Couples are better off with a more compact grill.

Do not just buy the biggest grill. An oversized device is otherwise in the way, can be transported bad and costs a lot of money. The best way to orient yourself on the grill surface is to buy a stainless steel gas grill. For married couples, shared flats or families with small children, which push at the most a few sausages, already suffice 40 x 40 cm.

Size Areas of 60 x 45 cm or even more are intended for large families and BBQ parties, Do the neighbors or visiting children come over often? Do you have hungry relatives who want to be fed or are you even organizing birthday parties for your offspring? With a 5-burner BBQ gas grill (side burners included) you get in any case all full. Small, 3-burner gas barbecue wagons with a small grill grate, on the other hand, if you only want to grill for yourself and one or two friends.

3. Helpful tips for safe handling

On the grill gas should not be used without caution. Never use a lighter or a match to light, The use of a pressure or overpressure regulator proves to be helpful. In the following video, a professional explains some things you should keep in mind when dealing with gas grills:

4. Manufacturers and brands of gas grills made of stainless steel

Since the production of gas grills is comparatively demanding, the number of manufacturers in the market remains manageable. One of the well-known brands in the German-speaking world is Weber, whose stainless steel gas grills are also relatively expensive. Well-known (as well as unknown) names are briefly listed for you:

  • compatriot
  • weaver
  • Broil Master
  • Tepro
  • Napoleon
  • Enders
  • Outdoorchef

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: stainless

6. Questions and answers about stainless steel gas grills

6.1. Why do I need side burners?

Side burners are there toto make a cooking zone from another area, The grill car will be on these surfaces though not as hot as the grillHowever, you can on this practical side tablekeep small dishes or sauces warm, This pays off if too much was accidentally grilled at one time, but should not end up cold on the guest's plate. In addition, butter can melt there on a low flame.

6.2. How do I clean my stainless steel gas grill?

Stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018: stainless

Due to its good cleaning properties, gastronomy places a great deal on stainless steel.

Stainless steel has the advantage of having the silver surface relatively resistant to dirt, rust and soot is. But be careful not to use too aggressive cleaning agents as these will do more harm to the surface than good. It is enough, the Grill area with stainless steel grid burnt out shortlyso that the dirt can be easily removed with a sponge.

6.3. How does the gas of the gas grill ignite?

In our stainless steel gas grill comparison 2018, most products work with one Piezo igniter system, which works electronically, At the push of a button, a small spark flies, igniting the gas at the nozzle. This principle also applies to special piezo lighters.

Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a separate stainless steel gas grill test and therefore has not chosen a stainless steel gas grill test winner. As soon as a test of the stainless steel gas grills is published, we inform you here

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