Stainless steel pot and induction - does it work?

Induction cookers use less power and are much safer because they shut off automatically when there is no suitable pot on the stove. Unfortunately, stoves with the new induction technology are not suitable for all pots and pans. Whether your stainless steel pot can still work with the induction hob, we show you here.

Induction and technique

On a cooktop with induction technology only metals that are magnetic work. So a pot base made of steel for induction is well suited. However, pots made of aluminum or stainless steel are not suitable. You can test your favorite stainless steel pot with a magnet. If this pulls the bottom of the pot, you can use this pot.

steel plates

There are now additional plates in the trade that you can put under a pot that is not suitable for induction. However, if you want to use many such pans and pots, makes an induction cooker absolutely no more sense. The metal plate simulates the stove a suitable pot and heats up.

Of course, with this liner, the whole construct needs more power than a pot that is suitable for induction. The advantages of the induction technology are thus completely eaten, since the stove no longer has an automatic shutdown when the plate rests.

Checking the pot

Some vendors have developed table trivets that will not slip because they magnetically adhere to the pot. With these trivets, you can also check whether the pot is magnetic at all.

Stainless steel is not steel

Many stainless steel pots have a high chromium content. These pots are not useful for an induction field. Some modern pots have an extra core in a thick bottom that is still magnetic. A stainless steel pot with the mark 18/10 is usually not suitable.

Not suitable for induction

  • 18/10 stainless steel without additional soil core
  • Alutöpfe
  • glass pots
  • ceramic pots

Tips & Tricks

Do not worry, nothing can happen if you put a pot on the induction surface that is not suitable for this technique. Depending on the type of cooker, after switching on it will indicate with a flashing or a beep that there is no pot on the cooking surface. Most models then switch off automatically after a certain time.

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