Stainless steel pot is burnt - gently clean

A very short distraction is often enough, then the food is burnt in a stainless steel pot. Whether sauerkraut, red cabbage or the delicious mashed potatoes, burnt foods are often quite difficult to remove. We will show you here how to gently clean stainless steel pots with different home remedies.

Wait - remove food carefully

The first step should be to save the food. So if you realize that you are picking sauerkraut on the ground, you should stop stirring it. If the food is not ready cooked, you should transfer the food to another pot. In doing so, you should only top up the loose dishes of the upper layers and not pierce too deep into the burnt layers. This often prevents the disgusting burnt taste in the food quite well.

  • soaking
  • baking powder
  • vinegar


The first way to gently remove the burnt layers from the pot is to soak. Add some water and detergent to the pot and heat it again. Thick incrusted areas will gradually peel off. You may be able to lift the first incrustations with the roasting turner and repeat the process again.

baking powder

If the encrustation absolutely can not be solved, try some baking soda instead of detergent and warm it with a little water. The baking soda, however, has to act for some time until the encrustations completely dissolve. About one hour you should leave the baking soda solution in the pot.


Often, after all these attacks, the pot has become dull or dark. Then you can bring it back to shine with pure vinegar. Citric acid is also suitable for this purpose. But since vinegar is cheaper, you should rather use the vinegar. Then you can handle the acid more generously.

Tips & Tricks

Many swear by salt instead of scouring, by cleaning the pots and pans. However, the salt scratched as much on the surface as the scouring cream. The method is therefore not much gentler and causes just as many scratches.

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