Polishing stainless steel sink - clean shine

The stainless steel sink is quickly damaged by the cutlery or pots and pans. At the same time soap residue and lime settle on the sink. These ugly edges are often no longer easy to remove with a dishcloth. If these usual signs of use are to be removed, a polish for the sink is already necessary.

polishing paste

In the trade there are special polishing paste for stainless steel rinse. This even removes light rust on the sink or cutlery. In most cases, you can also remove burnt spots on the ceramic hob or stains on marble. No expensive paste needs to be bought, because the differences are not recognizable in the quality.

  • Polishing paste 125 ml from about 6,00 EUR
  • Polishing sponge (car accessories) about 2.50 EUR

Long-term effects

The big advantage of a polish is the long-term effect. It does some work to polish the sink, but then you have a rest for a while. Lime settles on the sealed surface just as little as soap scraps, since the surface is now water-repellent.

Polish the stainless steel sink step by step

  • polishing paste
  • Radierschwamm
  • dish soap
  • Soft towels
  • microfiber cloth
  • polishing sponge
  • mop

1. Clean

Before you can polish the sink, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise you will need too much of the polishing paste. So scrub the sink thoroughly with a soft cup brush and plenty of water. Then the surface is dried well.

2. polishing paste

Apply the polishing paste either on a special sponge or on a soft cloth. Then you need to polish the sink in circular motions with this paste. In patchy areas or scratches, you will often need a little longer and may need to apply a little more paste.

3. repolishing

If scratches, limescale residues and stubborn dirt have been removed with the polishing paste, polishing is required. Again use a soft cotton cloth or a soft fur sponge. You must polish the sink in circular motions until the polish is completely polished off.

Tips & Tricks

The paint cleaner, which is also used for the car, can also be used for the sink. But beware, some of these products smell very strong. This smell can be transmitted to the food, which then taste like it. So here is less!

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