Install a stainless steel sink

Basically, a stainless steel sink is installed like any other built-in sink. However, there are peculiarities because of the stainless steel. Below you will find instructions for installing a stainless steel sink and tips on what special features must be observed.

Modern sinks and the materials

The sink belongs to the basic equipment of every kitchen. Previously primarily stainless steel sinks were in use, today numerous other products are added. So there are the following built-in sinks:

  • made of stainless steel
  • made of different plastics
  • enameled rinse
  • ceramic sinks

The peculiarities of the stainless steel sink

With the stainless steel sink, however, the special features of the stainless steel must be taken into account. So you must not bring the stainless steel in contact with other metals. This is especially true where you want to attach the stainless steel screw with metal screws.

As with stainless steel, you must also pay attention when screwing stainless steel. This becomes clear when installing a stainless steel chimney. So use stainless steel screws or galvanized steel screws as the zinc acts as a sacrificial layer.

Otherwise like any other built-in sink

Otherwise, the installation does not deviate from the installation of any other built-in sink. Therefore, below we have created a mounting instruction for stainless steel sinks, which you can also use for any other sink.

Step by step instructions for installing a stainless steel sink

  • stainless steel sink
  • Faucets faucet, mixing valve, connection accessories)
  • Mounting material for the sink (clamps or screws)
  • Drainage accessories (siphon, drainage pipes, etc.)
  • sanitary silicone
  • Template for the dimensions
  • jigsaw
  • Circular saw (circular saw)
  • Drill with wood drills
  • Chisels, files, sandpaper
  • Cartridge syringe for the silicone
  • spirit level
  • Tool for mounting the fittings

1. Cut out the worktop

Transfer the dimensions of your template to the worktop. With the jigsaw, we recommend cutting only with a guide rail. With a circular saw you have to drill the corner points with the wood drills. If they are rounded corners, they must still be worked out with the appropriate tool.

2. Insert and screw in the stainless steel sink

Adjust the sink now. Then the silicone is applied in a sufficient bead on the underside bearing surface of the stainless steel sink. Now push down the sink on the countertop.

Modern sinks have metal clamps (four to six pieces) that are hooked from below and then bolted. That's the next step. If it is a sink with fastening profiles, screw in the screws from below.

3. Connection of sanitary accessories

Wait for the silicone to dry. Now the fittings can be installed and the drainage system installed. Do not forget to turn off the water before the end of the fittings (angle valve or main connection).

Tips & Tricks

If you use a stainless steel sink, the care and cleaning of the stainless steel in the kitchen are important. Follow the link and get important information.

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