Remove stains from jeans

For many, the jeans is a standard outfit. But the more often you wear it, the more likely it is to get stains. The advantage of removing stains from jeans is that the fabric can handle a lot. All you need to know is which home remedy helps best against pollution.

These home remedies help with spots on the jeans

  • Resin or chewing gum stains: ice spray (just freeze and scrape off)
  • Grease stains: Dish soap and / or iron and blotting paper
  • Fruit stains such as Cherry stains but also tomato stains: citric acid, vinegar essence, shaving cream, baking powder
  • Red wine: salt
  • Beta-carotene stains, such as carrot stains: oil
  • Miracle cure for everything (except paint stains): Gall soap
  • Also very effective on almost all stains: carpet cleaner
  • Cola or coffee stains: shaving cream
  • Paint, varnish or polish stains: turpentine, hair spray or nail polish remover
  • Also successful in almost all stains, but somewhat aggressive: benzene, alcohol, alcohol, Oxi products

This should be noted when treating stains on jeans

Even if jeans seldom discolour, you should be careful when using chlorine-containing products such as bleach and color-dissolving agents such as nail polish remover, as well as slightly bleaching home remedies such as citric acid or baking soda. This is especially true for black or other colored jeans, but blue jeans should be checked for color fastness beforehand. Before treating the stain with such an agent, you give e.g. At the lower hem on the inside take a sip of it on the denim, let the remedy act for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Does the jeans still look like before? If so, you can now dedicate yourself to the spot. If not, try a non-bleaching agent such as bile soap or dish soap.

Instructions for removing stains on the jeans

  • Milk or mineral water or detergent-water lye
  • Home remedies of your choice
  • brush
  • towels

1. Remove coarse residues

Scrape dry residue from the stain with a blunt object to prevent it from softening and lodging in the tissue. Then tap the jeans well or vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner.

2. soaking

As with all materials, soaking is of great importance to jeans as well - especially with old and dried stains. Place the area with the stain on fruit, coffee or cola stains in mineral water. For cocoa or chocolate stains and fruit stains, you can choose to soak in milk and grease stains should be softened in a lye with warm water and dish soap. Paint stains, paint stains and also cool spots need not be soaked, as well as chewing gum or resin stains.

Leave the jeans in the milk or mineral bath for as long as you think necessary. Older spots should soak overnight. For fresh stains, 15 to 30 minutes are enough.

3. Treat

Rinse the jeans under warm water. For protein-containing stains such as sperm stains, egg spots or blood stains, use cold or lukewarm water to prevent the protein from clotting.
Then put some of the home remedy that helps you against your stain (see above) on a rag and dab it from outside to inside the stain.
Repeat the process until the stain is well soaked.
Allow the product to act for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub with a brush over the stain and dab it off again. Maybe he's almost gone?

4. Wash out

Put the jeans in the washing machine with the stain remover and wash them as hot as possible (except for protein stains, these should be rinsed out beforehand with lukewarm water).
Alternatively, rinse the jeans by hand and repeat the stain treatment as needed to prevent it from washing in the stain.