Remove stains from the sofa

A sofa is a very comfortable piece of furniture and is therefore used for many activities: Here on cold days in the living room coffee and cake are consumed, with popcorn and drinks in the evening watching movies or just read a book. Due to the high stress, a sofa quickly gets stains.

This should be noted when staining on the sofa

Especially if the sofa is older and has not been cleaned for a long time, the occasional treatment of stains with water after drying can reveal ugly edges. These arise because older dirt is released from the pad and carried to the edge of the wet surface.
To counteract the formation of such edges, you should have a large area of ​​cleaning your sofa after stain treatment to solve other contaminants. This is best suited for a wet vacuum cleaner. If necessary, you can clean the couch but also with a little water and Fit or detergent, a brush and a cloth to absorb the liquid.

Prepare dried stains

Fresh stains can always be removed better than old ones. Therefore, fast action is important. If you ever spot a stain later, you should first soften it with mineral water before you start with the stain removal.

Carpet Cleaner - the gentle miracle weapon

Stains on the sofa of all kinds can be safely processed with carpet cleaner. If you do not have one in the house, you can use one of the home remedies listed below.

Coffee or cola pies on the sofa

Shaving cream helps against coffee or cola stains. Put some of it on the spot, work it with a brush and let it work for 10 minutes. Then suck the remedy out of the fibers with a cloth and some water. Make yourself dabbing from the edge of the stain inwards.

Cake stains on the couch

Before you start cleaning the stain, be sure to remove larger debris such as whipped cream, crumbs or other with a cloth. If the stain is still fresh, add a sip of milk and dab it gently with a cloth. Then remove the milk with a little water and fit and a dry cloth. Is the stain gone? No? Then you can take light-colored materials to some stricter home remedies: citric acid or Essigessenz offer here. Apply to the pad with a cotton ball or cloth and dab the patch from the outside to the inside. Then rinse with warm water.

Remove grease stains from the sofa / armchair

Grease stains should first be absorbed. Cornstarch or baking powder is suitable for this. Simply put the powder dry on the stain, work it with a cloth or a brush a little and let it act for about 30 minutes. Then vacuum it with a dust cleaner and then wash the remainders with a little water and degreasing detergent.

Tips & Tricks

Always blot stains carefully and never rub them with rubbing so as not to work in or even spread the stain deeper into the fibers.

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