Stains in the sofa? How to remove ugly dirt!

If you like to have a nice snack in the living room and have a drink or two, you should not be surprised if the sofa cover becomes dirty: The coffee drips on the good upholstery or the child smears chocolate on the armrest! Maybe someone with dirty shoes sat on the couch and for a moment forgot his good manners. How can such stains be removed?

Attention: Each substance reacts differently to stain remover!

There are countless different types of sofas, which are dyed in different ways. Therefore, it is important to first test the selected stain remover in a hidden place, for example on the back, to make sure it does not damage it.

Only after a successful sample, it is advisable to treat the spots on the visible side. Sometimes more than one remedy needs to be tested first to get the right substance.

Removing stains from the sofa: That's how it works!

stain removereffect
Water and detergentdissolves greasy stains
Water and gall soapoften dissolves even stubborn dirt
saltabsorbs freshly spilled drinks
benzineagainst dry, stuck spots
Mineral waterBubbles the fibers clean
shaving creamworks against cola and coffee stains
vinegardecomposes some types of dirt
citric aciddecomposes some types of dirt
professional cleanergreat choice for different spots
steam cleanersworks through heat and moisture

Always vacuum the entire sofa first to dust it thoroughly. Only then you go to the stain removal, which either runs purposefully or includes a complete cleaning of the couch.

Remember: Removing individual stains can cause ugly edges to form in the fabric. In this case either use the stain remover very sparingly or handle the entire cover.

This is the best way to remove individual stains!

If you choose to rub each stain out one at a time, let the stained dirt soak first. A particularly useful remedy for this is the mineral water, which can be applied several times in succession.

Do not rub on the stain, but dab it out, if possible. Otherwise you may rub the dirt even deeper into the fibers or distribute it over a larger area than before!

Tips & Tricks

Fresh stains are usually much easier to remove from the sofa than old ones. Therefore: Always be attentive and act quickly if a small "accident" happens!

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