Stains on the ceramic hob - how best to remove them

Even if you are very careful when cooking, stains on the ceramic hob can not always be avoided. What you can do best against stains, and which cleaning methods should be avoided, you will find in detail in this post.

Important for stain removal

Remove stains as soon as possible

Basically you should always remove stains as soon as possible. This prevents stains from burning in or damaging the surface.

In a hot ceramic hob you should remove stains but only with suitable means. The best is kitchen crepe, which simply absorbs splashes or spills. Sponges and microfibre cloths can melt on hot areas of the ceramic field, thereby causing hard-to-remove tracks.

Suitable cleaning equipment

Basically, you can use any cleaning sponge that is not scratching. Scourers should be used with care (rough side), wire sponges, scrub brushes and the like are completely unsuitable.

For microfiber towels opinions differ. However, most manufacturers do not recommend using them because microfibre cloths can roughen smooth surfaces over time at a microscopic level, making them dull and unsightly. Traditional, soft rags or sponges are best for cleaning.

Suitable cleaning agents

Ceran fields consist of a special glass ceramic, which is chemically resistant. Basically you can use so all cleaners, as long as they contain no scouring particles (such as scrubbing milk).

Types of stains

  • Fresh stains from spills or splashes of grease or sauces
  • already stained spots
  • lime stains
  • Metal stains from pot bottoms
  • branded plastic
  • Stains that bind firmly to the surface (such as sugar solutions)

Removal of individual stains

Basically, all fresh stains from the ceramic hob can be easily removed with warm water, this can also be used dishwashing liquid. Already stained spots should first be soaked and then removed with a scraper.

Against stubborn lime stains or patches of pot floors (metal streaks) usually help special Ceranfeldreiniger. These cleaners are expensive, but usually highly effective even in difficult spots.

For stains that bind firmly to the surface, such as stoved plastic or baked sugar (or sugar solutions), you must take extra care when removing, otherwise a hole in the ceramic hob can threaten.

Tips & Tricks

For the cleaning of ceramic fields, there are also a variety of proven home remedies.

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