Stair gate for the open staircase

When babies become babies, the stairs are a major source of danger. Worse is it with an open staircase. Here the children can even crawl through the steps. Therefore, a normal stair gate with an open staircase is absolutely not sufficient. So that the children can not even get to the stairs, a large-scale barrier is required.

Baby fair living

A spiral staircase or a spiral staircase has open stairs in most cases. In many modern living areas there are such open stairs. For living with a small child, it is also important that these areas are designed as safely as possible.

Goodbye playpens

No one wants to keep his little child permanently locked in a playpen, especially if the stairs are the only danger zone in the apartment. There are now other methods, so to speak, reversed. It simply a grid is placed around the stairs.

Stairs fence system

Almost as with a modular system, various manufacturers now offer individual elements for a stair nosing. One of the basic elements is always an element with a practical door. Thus, the fence system can even be placed at a considerable distance from the stairs.

Since these fence systems have either stable pillars at the corners or can hardly fall over anyway because of the installation at an angle, they are set up entirely without drilling and screws.

  • very flexible
  • entirely without drilling
  • quickly remove and set up

Convertible stair gate

These systems are also ideal if you want to shut off a stove or other danger zone. Often enough even a fencing system for both purposes, as it can be so easy to change and even push in another form.

Even in the garden, you can take this grille and separate dangerous areas for your child. However, you should avoid moisture, as the hinges can otherwise rust.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you have long legs, always use the doors with a stair gate. A large number of accidents happen only as adults climb over the grille without opening the doors. Especially at the hinges and the lock then likes to hang the trouser leg or a shoe lace.

Video Board: Installing a Baby Gate Without Drilling