Stair guard for clamping

To ensure that children can grow up safely, a stair gate is a good solution. But since the grid is needed only for a limited time, many homeowners do not like to bore the walls and also tenants try to make as little trouble with the landlord because of a large number of holes. Therefore, they often try with a stair gate for clamping.

Mogelpack Klemmgitter

There are currently two types of gripper bars on the market. One of which is basically a sham, because it has to be fixed to one side by drilling on the wall. This stair gate is in fact so a stair gate with one-sided attachment. Unfortunately, these notes are rather hidden in the fine print in some stair gates housed.

Clampable and stable?

However, a stair gate, which is actually clamped, often has some disadvantages. First, most models are not overly stable. The biggest drawback with some models, however, is the cross rail, which is attached to the bottom of the grid and should provide greater stability.

This strut, of course, is an extreme source of danger for adults and children, especially in the stairwell, as it is very easy to trip over the rail.

Bottleneck through stair gate

Many of the stair gates for clamping are to be opened in the middle. Although this has the advantage that the standing in the wings are not so big. However, these doors tighten the passage on the stairs very much. If the grid is attached to the top of the stairs, this circumstance leads to dangerous situations.

Important questions with the stair gate for clamping:

  • One-sided attachment necessary?
  • Rail bottom crosswise?
  • Grid in the middle to open?
  • Engaging the door above and below
  • stability

Tips & Tricks

Although it is helpful for security, when the lattice door has to engage at the top and bottom. However, if you go through it quickly without paying attention that it has really "clicked" in both places, then your child may be able to open the grille by himself or pinch his hand very painfully at this gap. If possible, you should therefore try an exhibit of the selected staircase itself.

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