Stair angle and slope angle

The inclination of the stairs is usually paid less attention than the pitch height, which results from the application of the staircase formula. Which inclinations in a staircase give the ideal pitch height, we show here in an overview of the stair slope and the pitch angle. You will find here also the step formula for a calculation.

Tilt for the stairs

Between an inclination of 20 and 45 degrees one speaks of a conventional staircase. At a lower inclination is spoken by a ramp or a stairwell. With a slope of over 45 degrees is usually spoken by a steep staircase or space-saving staircase. A vertical ladder is when the angle of inclination is greater than 75 degrees.

Apply stair formula

In the staircase formula, the angle of inclination of the stairs is usually completely ignored. The stair formula is used to calculate the pitch height per level and the depth of the pitch. This step formula has been derived for centuries from the stride length of the average person.

Step height times two plus step depth is equal to 63 centimeters

However, as people are getting bigger and bigger and the stride length changes as well, the step formula is not so narrow and even adjusted every few years. In addition, different values ​​are given in the different regulations.

  • Standard DIN EN ISO from 60 to 66 centimeters
  • DIN standard 18065 from 59 to 65 centimeters
  • Stair formula of craftsman 63 centimeters

Lack of space and stairs

The angle of inclination of the staircase is determined today primarily by the available space that a staircase may occupy. Since living space is expensive, you can not always pay attention to the appropriate slope of the stairs.

If the space is not enough to build a straight staircase, you should not make the stairs much steeper. It is better to install a quarter or half spiral staircase instead.

Tips & Tricks

Much more important than the slope of the stairs, should be a uniform step height. You should pay close attention that the steps distributed over the stairs have exactly the same height and depth. Above all, if you build the stairs yourself, they should look at it.

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