Stairlift Tips for buying

The purchase of a stairlift is no easy task. In any case, you should be careful when it comes to buying or renting, and also pay attention to some things. Important tips for planning and buying can therefore be found in this post.

Proper planning

Prudent planning before you buy is always essential. You have to ask yourself a few more questions in advance:

  • How often will I use the stairlift?
  • Which functions do I need?
  • Can I still use the stairlift if my health deteriorates?

Selection of the right model

With the different construction methods one must consider that not every kind of stair lift can be installed with every stair. Structural conditions often create restrictions that determine the selection of certain models from the outset.

The planning should therefore be made anyway after an on-site inspection by the expert. Then the construction options are clear, and you can choose the best of the possibilities together.

Which functions are needed?

One should be aware of whether the stairlift is used only for overcoming the staircase, or whether one may need to transport loads. Even a medium-sized bag can be a problem with an ordinary seat lift.

Even those who use or use a rollator must expect to buy one for each floor separately if it can not be transported. The contents of the transport basket on the rollator can then usually also be transported at the seat lift with high. Otherwise, you can also attach a small transport basket there.

In any case, you should think about the use in everyday life in great detail, so as not to overlook important functions that you might need.

Comprehensive advice

Even if the purchase of a stairlift is expensive, the cost should not be the only decisive criterion. More important is the sufficient functionality and the right adaptation to your own needs.

Financial planning

Under no circumstances should you be driven by a provider to buy or rent, but only to decide your own options and the meaningfulness.

If the stairlift is expected to take many years, a purchase can be more beneficial in many cases, especially given the many possible subsidies and grants.


Regular maintenance is indispensable with the stairlift. When soliciting the offer you should always inform yourself about the maintenance costs. What options to conclude maintenance contracts, there are the provider? What are the costs in comparison, and how do they change the overall costs for the provider?

emergency service

Another important question is the period during which the provider will provide an emergency or repair service if a malfunction occurs. 24-hour service is pleasant, but often expensive. For stairlift leases, such services are often included as standard.

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