Banisters - which design and material?

Whether new building or extensive house renovation, just the stairs moves into focus. After all, the staircase is a massive style-defining element like no other. Thus, the question of suitable design and material for the stair railing busy most people really long. We want to give some guidance in terms of design and material from the banisters.

Task and actual effect of stairs

Stairs are elements that allow us to overcome these levels at an angle between 20 and 45 degrees. Thus, the function of a staircase is to be given priority. But especially by the size of a staircase, this also forms a significant architectural formative atmosphere. This should then also other purely purely functional components such as handrail and banisters stylistically be considered.

This results in requirements for the stair railing

So you initially have two different requirement areas for your stair railing:

  • The banister must meet safety and standards
  • the stylistic requirements have to be fulfilled

Important security issues - also for the future

Just the security can also be implemented stylistically. So you have to ask yourself if the staircase will be in a later environment inhabited by children, for example. Then you can immediately implement the later effort to make a banister child safe, and thus save money. Pets might as well be added later, but you need to make the railing safe.

Do not forget your own changing requirements

Of course, your own requirements must not be missing. Many people plan their house barrier-free in many areas, but completely forget the stairs. In the case of the banister, barrier-free access is required insofar as the handrail must be mounted on both sides. In addition to the legal requirements and laws, there are numerous safety aspects that should be included in the staircase railing planning. After all, these safety factors can best be incorporated into the design and look.

Styling: especially the materials used

After you have processed the requirements regarding standards and safety aspects, the next point is the stylistic factors. These are significantly influenced by the material for the banister. You can choose from a wide variety of materials for your banister:

  • Wood and wood composites
  • metals
  • plastics
  • Glass
  • Stone (masonry stair railings)
  • Combinations of the mentioned materials

Now everything is transferred to the budget

But by now, a third major factor will also influence the decision: the cost of the stair railing. Just when you compare the cost of a glass stair railing with the prices of a stainless steel stair railing inside, you quickly realize that there are significant differences that can affect the purchase decision.

Tips & Tricks

Therefore, we recommend that you first summarize the requirements of security and specifications as well as your personal preferences for materials and styles. Then the Internet offers some interesting theme page for living, where the operators have sometimes collected really hundreds of sample photos with stairs and banisters. So then decisions can be much better and more accurate together with the numerous information in our house journal.

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