Dress stair railing

Stairs are an integral part of almost every house. In many single-family homes and more and more apartments, they are also found in the living area. Especially here a staircase has a style-defining effect, explicitly the railing. Who does not want to renew this, can disguise the old stair railing also.

Many stairs are in the living area

Many detached houses with two floors are built so that the stairs fall within the living area. But also more and more new apartments in multi-family houses go over two floors and therefore have a staircase. The staircase is therefore a significant architectural element, which significantly influences the style. In particular, the stair railing influences the perception salient.

Often, however, the design is no longer up to date

But that's what many residents do not like, because here too, construction-time trends are influential. But the cost of a stair railing are not insignificant. Renewing the banister is not for everyone in question. A good alternative here is the disguising of the banister. You can do this using different materials and products:

  • Wood-based panels (veneer, multiplex, OSB, MDF etc.)
  • wood panels
  • Plastic plates
  • Plastic sheets (rigid PVC, PC, PMMA etc.)
  • Plasterboard and other composite panels

Products and materials for dressing your stair railing

So there are a whole series of plates with which you can dress your banisters. Which material or product ultimately comes into question depends on the local conditions - and of course on your personal ideas and wishes.

Plastic plates for dressing

With plastic panels, such as polycarbonate (Makrolon) or polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic or plexiglass), there are many opportunities to provide this panel with ambient lighting, at least since the massive developments with LED technology. Thus, the railing paneling helps to create a very special atmosphere.

Plasterboard to the stair railing

With the help of plasterboard and similar building boards, you have completely different options. This allows you to fill in and sand the plasterboard. With the appropriate putty and grinding technology you can achieve extremely smooth surfaces. These can be painted with plastic colors, which then further support this effect.

In addition, gypsum plaster boards are also suitable if you want to plaster the resulting walls later. Again, there are many options open again. The specialist retailer offers a whole range of different structural and decorative plasters.

Dress wooden and wooden composite panels to the railing

Wood composite and wood panels, on the other hand, enable completely different finishing processes. So you can also integrate lighting here or plaster, paint or glue the panels. The possibilities with such plates are also extremely diverse.

Fixing the panels to the railing

One of the key points is that you can fasten the plates well. Depending on what your banister looks like, you'll need to construct a subframe to attach to it. Then the panels are mounted to disguise the railing.

Tips & Tricks

Even in rental apartments, disguising the stair railing is a great way to influence the visual impact of massive, without the landlord would have to worry about his banisters. In particular, if he does not allow you to renovate the banister, dressing up is a good alternative.

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