Retrofit a stair railing

A staircase basically has a primary and a secondary task. The primary goal is to connect two levels or floors, secondarily to the visual effect. Therefore, more and more builders renounce banisters. Not infrequently with fatal consequences. In the course of time and usually after a "fast-accident" most of them decide to retrofit a banister.

Stairs are often "floating" today

Connecting stairs. But architecturally, style-defining elements have long been introduced. Thus stairs are subject to the trends of their time. Today, these go in the direction of installing so-called cantilever stairs as possible without banisters. These stairs are steps that are anchored on one side of the wall.

Safety is then gladly neglected

A riser (fairing from one stage to the next) is not provided. Thus, this type of staircase, depending on the material used and its execution looks almost as if it were floating. A banister would destroy this effect immediately. Basically, this is often possible because the obligation to banisters is not always.

Especially the banister is very helpful

But sometimes it almost comes to an accident or just a mishap on the stairs. After all, stairs prove the cause of the accident statistics at the top. This is actually out of the question that a stair railing should be retrofitted. In order not to completely lose this particular effect of the apparent levitation of the stairs, you can rely on appropriate building materials.

To get the "floating" effect, grab glass or acrylic

You could have the banister made of glass or acrylic. Learn more about the cost of a glass stair railing here. Of course you can also use classic building materials such as wood or metal. But if you want to plan and retrofit a banister, you should also consider any future events immediately.

Plan the stair railing for the future

So later could possibly recruit new generation. You might as well get a pet like a dog or a cat. If you do not want to secure the banister later and cumbersome, it is advisable to make the interstices correspondingly small in the case of non-continuous railing filling (bars, grids).

Tips & Tricks

If you want to retrofit a banister, you do not necessarily have to hire a craftsman. If you have enough manual skills, you can build your stair railing yourself.

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