Secure a banister

Stairs in the living area are widespread. However, the stair railing or a reinforcement is not always designed in such a way that it could not pose any risks. Be it in small children or for pets. Below we will suggest how you can secure your stair railing under different conditions and with different requirements.

With a maximum of two residential units per building loose regulations for railing

Apartments over two floors are popular. In addition, single-family homes also have modern floor plans that connect two levels or floors via open staircases. But especially for stairs in the living area, especially in buildings with a maximum of two residential units, the regulations are sometimes very relaxed. So there is not even a mandatory obligation for banisters. But visually open banisters are also very popular.

In the offspring or with pets that quickly becomes a problem

Under normal circumstances, very few people see a problem here. But when suddenly a new generation or a pet comes into the household, it quickly looks very different. Especially with small children and pets such as cats or dogs there is a risk that they stuck their head through the railing and not get it out.

The shape of the stairs is what matters first

But before you can think about concrete solutions, even the staircase form is relevant. Thus, depending on the construction and conditions different staircase shapes are found:

  • angled staircases
  • straight staircases
  • round staircases
  • spiral staircases
  • Stairs with and without pedestal

Round and spiral staircases

Especially with round and spiral staircases, at least the simple selection is initially limited. For example, acrylic glass panels would solve two problems: the open design remains visually intact, yet the banister is secured. With round and spiral staircases that means that you have to bend the acrylic glass specially.

Flexibly bend flexible nets or materials

In such a case, perhaps so-called cat nets would be the best choice. Depending on the mesh size and strength of the nets, these are also relatively inconspicuous. Professionally secured, but secure themselves outstanding and can not be moved or damaged. In addition to these special security options, you can of course also plan a new stair railing.

Staircase protection for housing for rent

However, it should be noted that this is mainly a solution for home ownership. As a tenant you have to arrange for various measures only with the landlord. In doing so, always give your consent as well as the associated details of the agreement in writing. Otherwise, there might be trouble at the latest when moving out, if the landlord suddenly demands that you dismantle the new stair railing or the fuse.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal, we offer you many more articles about stair railings and stairs. So you may get even more ideas for securing the railing under "beautify stair rails".

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