A carpet stair climber refines every staircase

A carpet can fulfill many functions as a stair runner. In addition to the visual renewal and upgrading of the stair treads, stepped middle parts affected by strong traces of use can be covered. A stair climber dampens the impact sound. If loosely laid, it can be washed regularly.

Cover traces of use

Anyone who, for optical reasons, considers having to rebuild his staircase or cover heavily used areas, has the most mobile and easily executable solution with a carpet runner.

As hardly any or no traces of use have been created on wooden side steps, a centrally laid stair carpet made of carpet covers all unsightly parts of the staircase. In this way, the steps can be disguised, without having to pre-edit the steps.

Easy laying

Laying a stair runner is usually loose. A long contiguous carpet tape with chained edges is centered from top to bottom over setting and stepping steps. The attachment is done by stair runners, which are mounted in the undercut at the edge, where tread and riser meet.

The stair carpet does not have to be glued and slip-resistant pads made of rubber mats or rubber rings for preserving jars are enough to prevent "walking" and raising wrinkles. The laying of the runner is done quickly and also executable. Therefore, the bare material prices can be calculated. In addition to the quality of the stair carpet, the selection of handrails also has an effect here.

From sisal to new wool

While a stair carpet as a runner from simple Schlingware or sisal are inexpensive, heavy wool or silk carpet can be expensive. The same applies to the stair runners, which can be made of simple sheet metal or brass, or made of stainless steel or coated with gold.

The required length of the carpet, which is laid as a stair runner, corresponds to the outer edge length in spiral staircases. The staircase width is usually occupied at about eighty percent. At the step width of one meter, the stair runner is eighty centimeters wide.

Tips & Tricks

The manufacturers show that their carpet products are suitable for laying stairs. For a little or just with socks or barefoot used stair runner, you can also choose "normal" carpet.

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