Staircase cleaning - tenants and costs

One of the popular issues between tenants and landlords is the stairwell cleaning. First of all, a look into the lease or the house rules helps in case of doubt. However, there are always nice neighbors who either do not clean themselves or play up as cleaning police. What facts you should consider when cleaning the stairwell, we show here.

rental contract

Mostly in the lease, that the tenant has to do the cleaning of the stairwell. This is usually the reference to a cleaning plan posted in the house, which specifies exactly when and how often the tenant has to clean.

Deadlines and cleaning plan

Should there be no such plan or no exact periods have been set, then the tenant can assume that once a week the staircase must be cleaned. He then has to vote with his neighbors, who cleans and when set up a plan.

Neighbors and problems

More often, disputes and ambiguities occur between the different tenants. It is therefore better if a prescribed cleaning plan of the property management is posted. If you can not clean an appointment, perhaps because of a trip, you have to try to find a substitute yourself.

Costs for the tenant

If a tenant does not clean up when it's his turn, or if he cleans it particularly badly, then he has to pay a commissioned cleaning service. In the meantime, the courts have even considered a prior warning from the renter to be unnecessary if the failure occurs more frequently.

If a cleaning service is to be contracted from the outset, the renter must usually bear these costs, since the cleaning costs are part of the operating costs. However, the landlord may not hire an unduly many cleaners. The windows do not need to be cleaned more than twice a year and the staircase only needs to be cleaned weekly. What goes beyond that is not absolutely necessary.

Facts about the stairwell cleaning in brief

  • Information in the lease
  • Cleaning plan should be posted
  • Renter must order replacement in the absence
  • Landlord can be reimbursed

Tips & Tricks

At first glance, it may seem costly to arrange a professional cleaning right from the start. But if possible, both tenants and landlords should take this route. In many cases it also prevents arguments between the individual tenants and even the nerves of all those involved.

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