Staircase - costs and facts

Adding a stairwell to the outside of the house creates a lot of space inside. However, this also involves a lot of effort and costs. From the planning permission to the roofing of the roof you have to expect different prices. Here is an overview of the individual items that are incurred in a staircase.

Foundation to roof

It takes a large number of posts until a beautiful new staircase can be built outside the house. Of course, each of these posts incurs very different costs, depending on local circumstances. Anyone who considers only the price differences in a simple staircase, can imagine how different then a whole staircase is in the cost.

  • Planning costs / architect
  • building permit
  • foundation
  • Accessibility
  • masonry
  • insulation
  • window
  • doors
  • power connection
  • Breakthroughs to the house
  • stairway
  • Roof / roofing

Window in the staircase

In addition to a heater in the new staircase should also at least below and above a window be installed. This later facilitates cross-ventilation throughout the house, preventing moisture and bad odors.


You also need electricity in a stairwell. Alone for the vacuum cleaner should be installed at least one outlet. Who likes to hang a Christmas lights on the door or on the window, should of course pay attention to the appropriate number of sockets. In addition, a stairwell must be well lit, so that accidents can be avoided.

Involve architects

You should not plan such a building without a real expert. Here too many points must be taken into account today because of the Energy Saving Ordinance. From statics to insulation, all information must be available and submitted to the building authority.

Building permit required

For every structural change a building permit is required. Since the staircase should be clearly visible on the outside of the house, you can not easily forget the building permit. Especially the stairwell can easily become an accident site, then lacks the building permit, which may negatively affect the liability insurance.

Tips & Tricks

Funny enough, when planning, many builders first forget the stairs themselves. They plan the new building around it, but the staircase remains unnoticed until the end. It is important in terms of cost that the staircase is matched in advance exactly on the shape and layout of the staircase.

Video Board: Staircase Installation