Building a staircase for a small staircase: a guide

A small front door or garden staircase made of concrete you can relatively easily build yourself. If these are made of concrete, you need a staircase formwork to then pour the material into it. Bear in mind that when concreting a relatively strong pressure is created, which has to catch the self-made formwork: otherwise the scaffold is simply blown up and the concrete runs out. Take our guide as an assistance.

Put stairs on a stable foundation

We recommend installing the stairs on a stable base plate to ensure their long-term stability. A stable foundation protects against ground frost and settlement damage. Choose the best concrete for this as well.

Staircase self-made

  • sheathing boards
  • Wood for columns
  • nails
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • pencil
  • table saw
  • hammer
  • enfierraduras

1. Draw a stair plan

First, you need an accurate drawing of your staircase with all the appropriate dimensions. Then you align yourself with the construction of the formwork. Please also note the legal requirements of DIN 18065 in your draft.

2. Cut the formwork boards

Cut the formwork boards so that you can put together a kind of frame for each step, consisting of four boards each.

The bottom frame is particularly long, over it comes a little shorter and at the top of the shortest frame is attached. The respective appearance projects forward.

3. Mount formwork

Screw the boards together and stack them to the stairs. Measure everything with the spirit level and make corrections until you get a straight staircase. Then nail or screw your frames together.

4. Support the stairwell well

Now use the rest of the wood to build sturdy supports for your staircase formwork that will transfer the concrete pressure to the floor. Support the formwork boards well from all sides.

5. Insert reinforcing mats

Remember to place reinforcement mats in your concrete staircase so that the material does not break. Make sure that the iron completely disappears in the concrete to effectively protect it from moisture. Now you can pour your stairs.

Tips & Tricks

If you remove the formwork after about three days, your staircase is not yet fully hardened. Wait a few more weeks to apply tiles or flagstones!

Video Board: Beginners Guide to Building a Stair Stringer