Move the staircase - change floor plan

The demands of modern families are difficult to match for most older homes. The living room is too small and cramped and there are often not enough children's room. A reconstruction is often a steep and sometimes too narrow or winding stairs in the way. The options available to adapt the floor plan to modern standards are shown here.

needs analysis

First of all, you have to consider with the whole family which rooms of which size are actually needed. Often the living room and kitchen are to be combined into a single unit, since today open floor plans are desired. But then you should try to plan the new staircase closed so that the odors and the heat do not rise up.

spatial planning

First, you should clarify the following points and questions so that you can determine the exact location of the new staircase.

  • Living room size and location
  • number of bedrooms
  • Bad big enough?
  • Guest bathroom required?
  • Kitchen size and location
  • other necessary rooms?

Position the stairwell

However, when all wishes have been put on paper, you often find that you need at least a second home to fulfill all your dreams. Therefore, check if it is possible to outsource some rooms.

For example, the stairwell may move into an extension in front of the house together with the corridor and perhaps a guest bathroom. Depending on where there is still enough space on the property to realize an extension, you can also grow the kitchen and a guest bathroom at the back of the house. So you get enough air in the house to build a spacious stairwell.

Plan stairs

Do not forget the staircase itself in all the planning. Based on the dimensions, which must have a staircase, you can plan the shape and the floor plan of the staircase exactly.

Tips & Tricks

Think around the corner, the simplest and most reasonable solution is not necessarily the one that makes you happy in the long run. The perfect solution does not have to cost more, it can only take a little longer for the planning. Get some inspiration from a creative person, even if these ideas sound crazy at first, they can put you on the right path.

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