Renovating the stairwell: This is the best way to do it!

The renovation of the staircase is pending, the planning work is underway. So that everything runs smoothly in the practical execution, we have collected many important tips, which can be included in your preparation phase. This gives you the opportunity to plan the course of all required measures in a targeted manner, and you will also receive fresh design ideas.

Improve lighting - first order the electrician

Any work requiring wall intervention should be performed first. So if you want to improve the lighting in your staircase, then order the electrician early, before the actual stairwell renovation begins.

Now, if new cable ducts have to be chiseled into the wall, you can cover everything well afterwards. But even the carpenter, who perhaps inserts a new window for more sunlight, should have precedence over the painter. Beautiful lighting ideas:

  • Uplights and downlights alternately on the staircase wall
  • Recessed floor spotlights in the steps
  • nostalgic candlesticks along the staircase wall
  • Socket on the landing for a dimmable floor lamp

Plan work well on the wall and on the stairs

If you renovate your entire staircase, then both the wall and the stairs are processed. But which room element should you start with? That depends entirely on the upcoming work:

If you have to sand down your staircase first, it is better to paint the wall later, otherwise everything will become dirty again. If the stairs are already completely finished before the wall is painted, you should ensure a good cover with foil and masking tape.

Anyone who completes the wall completely before painting the staircase does not need such thorough coverage - but there is still a careful staircase and railing cleaning in between.

Renovate the staircase: a variety of design options

The staircase renovation offers you the opportunity to put the space in a whole new light. By cladding the staircase, for example, you can achieve an astonishing visual change that immediately catches your eye.

The staircase wall can be repainted, completely wallpapered or even plastered. Simple trowel and textured plasters can be wonderfully applied even by skilled laymen and provide a fresh, new look.

On such a plaster first apply a light base color and then a glaze with a sponge or a puff. In this way, you can achieve a lively color scheme that looks really good on your newly renovated stairwell.

So the renovated staircase is really chic!

Various decorative options help to ensure that the staircase gets its own individual style as part of the renovation. For example, you can easily create beautiful jewelry with wall tattoos.

If you want, you can even pick up the brush - or the wallpaper roll. Redesign the vertical risers of your stairs by wallpapering them with a beautiful pattern wallpaper, applying stencil patterns or painting labels.

Tips & Tricks

Decorated risers are best painted with transparent wallpaper skin, which protects the surface from dirt and damage.

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