Stair renovation for DIY - stair kit and stair renovation

Stair renovation for DIY - stair kit and stair renovation: annoying

Stairs have to endure a lot over the years. Body weights, soles, paws and wipes are among the daily burdens.

When walking up the beautiful old wooden staircase quietly groans and creaks, This can be very annoying and annoying in the long term. However, not only suffers the beautiful appearance of the old stairs, but also the security. Nobody needs to live with such shortcomings.

Before the staircase takes any further damage, you should renovate your wooden steps. However, homeowners fear immense costs and day-long dirt in their own homes. However, the concern is unjustified. With stair renovation systems it works inexpensive, clean and fast, because the old staircase base is preserved. A large selection of materials allows for individual designs in every desired style, from classic to modern. For the steps, there are various solid wood finishes, but also laminate, cork and linoleum to choose from.

After the renovation is the stairs then immediately accessible and also quieter and safer.

What you should know about staircase renovation:

Stair renovation for DIY - stair kit and stair renovation: staircase

  • Wooden stairs and solid wood stairs: Wooden stairs are available as a spiral staircase, arched stairs or spiral staircase. Visually, the trend is towards light wood tones, such as beech or maple.
  • Stair types and installation: Stairs are an integral part of the component departments. A distinction is made between main and side staircases and attic stairs, space-saving staircases, system stairs, spiral staircases, glass staircases, steel stairs, natural stone stairs, concrete stairs, wooden staircase
  • Streamer - Primer: The primer closes the wood pores, ensuring that the paint does not simply seep through the wood, but forms an effective surface protection. After a drying time of one to two hours, a manual intermediate sanding with a 180 grit was made, which removed the fine wooden hairs that had been raised in the course of the primer.
  • Renovate wooden staircase: It is annoying and annoying when the wooden stairs slowly groan and creak. A comprehensive renovation can put an end to this and make the staircase shine again

Important questions about the rating of an old staircase

Stair renovation for DIY - stair kit and stair renovation: annoying

  • Condition wearing structure: Is the old staircase still as new and stable for decades, or at the end of its life? Have the parts of the cheeks, the anchors escaped, steps sunk?
  • State stages: Are these still horizontal and even, or leaked, that is need to be repaired or swapped?
  • Doubling of levels possible? At the same time, the floor in the entrance and exit floor are exchanged, so that in turn the same step heights from the beginning to the end of the stairs arise, or you want to replace only the steps alone? How thick are the new editions?
  • Increment or slope of the stairs: Is the appearance of the previous stairs too short or sufficient, and the slope too high or pleasant, that means what is the total step size of the stairs?
  • Uniformity of the stairs: Is the old staircase good to walk on? Are all steps even and give a secure feeling when performing, or is the uneven appearance more likely to cause discomfort?
  • Stairs (running) width: Is the previous staircase comfortable, or too narrow, especially when sometimes bulky items have to be transported? Is the overall diameter of the stairwell sufficient - even with regard to changing the staircase?
  • Optical use: Is the current method of construction of the staircase in principle appealing or is an improvement desired - more open, with more room effect or closed for clear demarcation; Design timelessly modern or harmoniously adapted?
  • Is a wider use of the stairs as previously desired, for example with shelf wall, with emergency lighting?

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