Renovate the stairs: what costs are incurred?

The nature and extent of the measures that are required in the course of a staircase renovation, depend on the condition of the object to be renovated and the wishes of its owner. Of course, the prices are also different, but there are guidelines that can be used by interested parties. We will inform you about the costs you will receive.

Renovate stairs: individual measures and their costs

Dress the stairs

The disguising of the stairs is necessary if the owner wants a major visual change - and simply painting it is not enough. For a staircase with 13 to 15 steps, an average of 2,500 euros is due.

Of course, the costs vary depending on the chosen material, supplier and staircase form. Depending on the effort, the stair professional may take up to three days to completely refurbish the staircase.

Dress up the stringers

When the staircase is redone, in many cases, a renovation of the stair string is due. Of course, this costs extra. The renovation of a stair string for the usual 13 to 15 levels is about 1,000 euros and takes one to two days to complete.

Renovate the landing

If staircases are available, these must also be clad according to the rest of the stairs. On average, the client, including the substructure and baseboards, pays around 90 euros per square meter.

A decisive price factor is again, as with the above measures, the type of material chosen. Not only the cost of purchasing the cladding material counts, but also the difficulty of processing.

Replace banister

You want a new stair railing to the stairs? Material and installation cost you about 250 to 350 euros per meter. In particularly winding stairs it is considerably more expensive, but also if expensive material was chosen.

Reinstall wall handrail

Some stairs also have a handrail - or should get a brand new one. Expect to install a new handrail at a cost of around 90 euros per meter, including the material.

Renovate stairs: the costs in the practical example

A homeowner has his staircase completely renovated from the ground floor to the first floor. He chooses a paneling with laminate and also needs a new railing made of steel and plastic.

Cost overviewprice
1. Dress up the steps and staircase cheek3,400 EUR
2. new banister including assembly1,500 EUR
total4,900 euros

Save money with easy renovation

If you feel the cost of a stair renovation is too high, you can take the opportunity to completely remove your staircase complete with the railing. If the joints are renewed and defects are cemented, the result is certainly very nice.

In the third part of our series on the topic of stair renovation you will read what exactly is meant by the disguising of a staircase and what advantages this measure entails.

Tips & Tricks

How about rounding up the steps of your staircase with real wood or natural stone? This gives you a nice visual highlight, which is in no way inferior to a new staircase.

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