The staircase base: definition and decoration

A staircase always ends directly on the floor, it is by no means on a pedestal. But what does the term staircase pedestal mean? Where is this part and what does it do? Not all stairs have such a pedestal, it serves mainly the optics. Read all important facts about the topic, from definition to decoration.

What is a staircase base?

The staircase base is also called a wall base, it is located between the wall and the steps. The component serves to visually cover the joints between the wall surface and the staircase.

Such a pedestal we find mainly on older stair models, only a few modern stairs have this element still. The trend is rather to take the stairs off the wall and place them in the room as a relatively free element.

The staircase base as a decorative element

Use your staircase base to make your staircase particularly appealing. For example, complete it with modern solid wood trim or with beautiful décor.

Flaking paint and worn surfaces look ugly. Sand or stain your pedestal base thoroughly to re-paint it. For example, you can stain a high quality wooden base in a beautiful wood color.

Powerful colors set exciting accents: frame your staircase with a rich blue or red tone, depending on the environment. Or paint the staircase in the same tone as your steps to create a consistent image.

How can the staircase base be visually upgraded?

If you like a richly detailed artistic interior design, you can also decorate your staircase base with wall tattoos or apply stencil paintings. But always adapt the decorative objects to the rest of the interior design.

For example, wall tattoos can be used to create a complete interior design, with motifs appearing on the wall as well as on the staircase base and the vertical risers.

Tips & Tricks

Balancing is also required in stairwell design: "too much" can be just as disturbing as "too little". Only use your staircase pedestal as a striking decorative element if it still lacks visual accents.

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