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Streamer - primer: staircase

The family with two children placed great emphasis on possible Odorless surface products that do not cause harmful emissions release.

Because a good seal lasts at least ten years, one wanted No compromise on price and quality received.

Especially with such a heavily used area as the staircase, a supposedly cheaper solution soon proves to be the most expensive.

That's why they chose the "Woodboy" surface products (Overmat Industries) that are used by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

In addition to the quality aspects, it was important for the Berlin family that this Manufacturer of all necessary products and rental equipment for renovation of wooden floors in DIY stores and in the timber trade from a single source.

This saved time and had the advantage of matching the products.

Four paint jobs

Streamer - primer: staircase

Since dust grains after sealing the interfere with uniform surface appearance, the stairs before the primer is carefullyg cleaned with the "Dry Clean Set". With its dust-absorbing cloth, it binds the sanding dust, but does not damage the delicate wooden surface.

After the fine sanding, the stairs should only be taken very carefully - if possible not with shoes - so that there are no more scratches. Now the floor could be primed.

The Primer closes the wood pores and thus ensures that deThe paint does not simply seep through the woodbut forms an effective surface protection.

After a drying time of one to two hours, a manual intermediate sanding with a 180 grain, which removed the fine wooden hairsthat have been raised in the course of the primer.

Since stairs are one of the most stressed areas in the living area, you can choose a total of four lacquer jobs with the "Woodboy Aqua-Coat".

The drying times between the individual Coat orders amounted to one to three hours each. The floor was paintable within three to five hours, but walkable after three hours, so that the family life was not disturbed too much.

In order not to damage the still sensitive surface, the Berlin family adhered to the recommendation not to step on the newly sealed staircase during the seven-day curing time.

Stair renovation result

The result of the renovation treatment could be seen: The stairs were given a honey golden, reddish hue, the perfectly harmonized with the oak parquet of the ground floor and not - as feared - an optical breakpoint marked.


Streamer - primer: staircase

Of course, stairs are an eye-catcher in every apartment. Through a variety of different types of staircases, there are no limits to individual room design.

However, a staircase should not only look promising, but also make it enjoyable in the long term. This includes not only a robust material and expert processing, but also certain structural conditions.

The minimum width of a staircase must be determined according to DIN 18065. The minimum is around 80-100 centimeters. A wide staircase is not only very comfortable, but also practical. Especially with transports, this can be of great advantage.

For a safe step, the ratio of step height to step depth is very important. In the so-called slope ratio, a ratio of 17 to 29 inches is recommended.

This then gives, depending on floor height, the number of stages. So that afterwards no problems arise when laying the corresponding floor covering, it is of great importance that all steps have the same distance to each other.

A railing must be at least 90 centimeters high according to the building regulations. Because safety is a top priority, the distance between each vertical strut or column should not exceed 12 centimeters. This is important so that the children can not slip.

Within a dwelling horizontal balusters are also allowed, but these can entice children to climb and are therefore not without danger. On constructions with sharp-edged iron or steel parts should and must be waived.

A handrail should be installed on both sides of the staircase if possible. This gives children and senior citizens additional security. The minimum width between the handrails must be fulfilled.

TÜV-Süd recently released a press release on this topic.

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