Tile stairs: What are the costs?

Professionally laid tiles enhance the living space and look very aesthetically especially on stairs. But tiling a staircase is a time-consuming job that only a handful of amateur craftsmen try to tackle. What costs arise when the specialist flies your stairs?

Cost factors for tiling the stairs

The price for tiling a staircase is based on several factors: First, the type of tile and the pattern to be placed play an important role. A lavish decor is of course more expensive than a plain surface.

A staircase with straight steps makes it easier to tile than a coiled one. Spiral staircases produce a lot of oblique waste, here time-consuming custom work is required.

Expect a straight staircase with labor costs of about 35 EUR per step, with a spiral staircase of about 40 EUR - if you do not want a special pattern.

For tiling a stair landing, there is some extra work - and the costs increase. In addition, the final price of the craftsman's bill also includes the necessary preliminary and additional work and often a travel allowance.

Bear in mind that material costs are also incurred when tiling the stairs. In addition to the tiles themselves, these would be the cost of the tile adhesive, the Fugenzement, for silicone or acrylic and for any edge rails.

How much is the tiling of the stairs? An example project

A homeowner tilts his staircase, which was previously carpeted. The tiler still needs to remove some carpet leftovers and prime the steps before he can get started on the job.

The craftsman takes 34 EUR per step for laying and grouting the tiles, the staircase has 15 steps. The additional work, he expects per hour.

Cost overviewprice
Tile laying on 15 steps510 EUR
Additional work 4 hours200 EUR
Material costs (without tiles)115 EUR
total825 EUR

Save costs: stairs cheap tiles

Remove as many additional work as possible from the tiler in order to save money: Prepare the substrate, for example.

Tips & Tricks

You may find a particularly good craftsman on an online portal like myhammer.de.

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