Dress the staircase attractively with wood

A wall cladding provides a completely new room look, warm wood lends itself to this. In the staircase, the material additionally absorbs the sound, and the surface can also be color-matched to the surroundings. Read here what has to be considered when decorating the staircase wall - and how to successfully complete your renovation project.

Plan a stairwell paneling

At the beginning there is always the planning: How should the wall cladding in your staircase look like? Many different types of wood are available, and the width and length of the profile boards is variable. You can also dress up either vertically or horizontally.

Which part of the wall surface do you want to dress in your staircase? In addition to the cladding of the entire wall, it is open to you, optionally only a section, for example, the base area to cover with wood.

Material and tools for dressing the staircase


  • Roof battens for the substructure of the cladding
  • Profile wooden boards to disguise
  • Dowels and screws
  • nails
  • Recommended: profile board claws for hooking the paneling
  • Angle strips and corner strips


  • Ruler / pencil
  • drilling machine
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Miter Saw / Chop Saw
  • Jigsaw / Foxtail
  • possibly electric tacker

How to dress your staircase

The substructure of roof battens always runs at a 90-degree angle to the cladding. The profile boards should be cut at corners and edges so vertically / horizontally that they fit as accurately as possible. Angled and corner strips ensure clean ends.

For the joining of profiled wooden boards, use a lumber so as not to damage the wainscoting with a hammer. Profile board claws provide an invisible attachment. The upper wall finish is very neat with matching cornices.

Decorate wall cladding in color

If the wood seems too dark for your stairwell, then just glaze it in a light shade. Through this type of color treatment, the grain remains visible: This looks very nice!

Tips & Tricks

Inexpensive softwood can be relatively easily colored with the help of wood stains and at the same time be upgraded optically. A dark rosewood or oak wood tone looks high-quality and pleasantly warm.

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