Ventilate Staircase - Rules for Good Neighborhood

Anyone who lives in their own house knows how important proper ventilation is. But in a tenement with several tenants airing is often a popular issue, especially in terms of ventilation in the stairwell. Some quarrels then even lead up to the courts. How the ventilation in the stairwell really goes, we show here.

Cross-ventilation through the staircase

In general, the whole house should be ventilated several times a day for a short time. So the bad air is derived particularly well. In a single-family home, the staircase is ideal to perform this cross-ventilation. You simply open a window completely below and above, and have performed the perfect ventilation and wasted little heating energy.

The window opener

Unfortunately, a multi-party house, the situation is not so easy. Some tenants like to open a window in the stairwell when passing or leaving the house, but do not close it again. So much heat is lost and moisture can penetrate. This inevitably leads to quarrels with other tenants.

Air in the apartment - over the staircase?

Even worse may be tenants who ventilate their own apartment on the staircase. They think that less cold air would flow into their own rooms. Food smells and even smoke must be tolerated by the neighbors in a normal setting. But if the front door is constantly open and a pungent smell pushes into the stairwell, this can be an extreme annoyance, which must be stopped.

Judicial decisions

The courts usually judge for the tenant, who distributes the odors and decide that smells are acceptable. But even these judgments only to a certain extent, because rotting food or smoke from grilling in the apartment then exceeds this degree.

Tips & Tricks

In the cold season, the staircase should be heated. Tenants who then turn off the radiator in the stairwell, damage themselves. This radiator consumes only a very small proportion of the heating costs for the entire house, the profit by a slightly heated staircase weighs for each tenant significantly heavier.

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