Steps inside are dependent on the function

The design options and choice of materials is considerably greater for staircases inside than for outdoor areas. The stairs are not exposed to the weather and extreme temperatures. Big differences exist in the load of stairs, which can become very high in a community staircase.

The four common staircases

Basically, a distinction can be made between the following four indoor staircases:

  • Community stairs in apartment buildings
  • Staircase in a family house
  • Single and Bedarfstreppen in the private living area
  • Stairs with special functions such as escape stairs or floor stairs

Community stairs

Community staircases in tenements usually connect several residential units with each other and are constantly heavily frequented. Similar to interior staircases in public buildings, the steps are made of very stable, durable and abrasion-resistant materials.

Massive concrete staircases and stone staircases in solid construction are common. In addition to the high load, staircase cleaning plays an important role in the selection of stairs. It has to be relatively easy and quick to carry out.

Private staircase

A common variant for internal staircases in single-family or terraced house are open staircase shapes. The steps are held by spars or cheeks. Common material is in addition to stone, especially natural stone, especially wood.

Depending on the structural conditions, different types of wooden staircases also have wooden steps. Substructures made of wood are usually not equipped with steps made of other materials. The substructure for stairs in the house can be made of steel, wood, stone or concrete.

Private single stairs

For single staircases such as a staircase in the living room or a spiral staircase, there are steps made of materials that are not suitable for heavily used stairs. Softwoods, acrylic and glass can be used, and as staircase flooring there is also a choice of laminate, stair carpet and sisal.

special stairs

The stair steps for stairs with special functions inside as with space-saving stairs or samba stairs are construction-dependent. For escape and emergency stairs additional building regulations must be observed.

Tips & Tricks

When planning and selecting indoor staircases, consider the proximity of the stairs to the front and front doors. This can be accompanied by a high level of dirt and moisture.

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