Coat stair treads permanently

In addition to painting and sealing with brushable plastic, the coating of stairs with stone carpet is an interesting alternative. A coating provides a fresh look, is functional, durable and can eliminate pre-damage or wear marks on the steps.

Properties of the coating

Especially outdoors, a stair tread has to fulfill several functions at the same time. In addition to the appealing visual appearance, the following properties should be given:

  • Durable durability
  • Working temp
  • non-slip
  • Flat staircase
  • Water resistant
  • UV-resistant

Granules in the resin bed

The coating of a concrete staircase with a stone carpet consists of a carrier applied to the stairs, which binds a layer of granules. The granules may consist of stone such as marble or granite. Lower cost is a staircase made of artificial stone.

For coating, a binder with the necessary properties is applied to the steps. The viscous consistency, for example, of polyurethane resin is able to compensate for bumps, holes and cracks in the stairs. A filling of the stairs is required only for large and deep damage.

This is how the coating of staircase flooring works

1. Cover the stairs
Depending on the staircase construction, a small side auxiliary formwork must be installed to hold the cast-in resin bed and provide a trickle protection for the poured granules.
2. add surcharges
There are some supplements that can both enhance the appearance and increase the safety of the stairs. These include phosphorescent artificial pebbles. They provide for a "afterglow" of the stairs after dark.
3. occupy the stairs
When coating, the material of the stairs must be observed. Polyurethane resin can also be used on wooden stairs. However, it must be ensured that the wood elements are dry and completely free from rotting.

Many manufacturers offer a stair covering for coating in different techniques and order types. Most products can be walked again after just one day of drying out.

Tips & Tricks

Before you decide on a granulate, do a walk-in test with a small sample if the steps should also be used barefoot. The shape of the granules is perceived very differently and should be tested for sole comfort.

Video Board: Bubble-Free Polyurethane Application Technique