Extend stairs while maintaining the inclination

Since a staircase usually has a correct slope, extending the stairs is usually possible only in the context of a complete renovation. The space requirement for the entire stair increases, since the slope must be maintained and the extended stairs remain unchanged in height.

Proportions are crucial

When extending stairs to increase the staircase, the proportions must be maintained. The unchanged treads spread over a longer flight of stairs and have a correspondingly increased space requirements.

To calculate a staircase, a fixed formula is used. The height of the steps must be exceeded by at least twice the surface area. For an existing kerning, only the free surface not covered by the overlying step counts.

Standards and slope

If a staircase is too steep, rebuilding is inevitable. According to the construction law DIN 18065 and the additionally applicable state law rules, the incline may only be changed within a narrow tolerance range.

External staircases represent a special case where it is possible to lengthen individual staircases if the maximum gradient is not exceeded. Here are also individual stages possible, which are extended to podiums.

Compact stairs

If the lengthening of the stairs is to be carried out because of the feeling of pedaling, saving steps can help. Asymmetric step lengths make it possible to achieve the usual feeling of pedaling without increasing the space required.

In principle, the regulations must also be complied with for space-saving stairs. Depending on the structural conditions, it is possible to extend only individual steps. However, this conversion requires specialist knowledge and the secure mastery of the formula for climbing stairs.

Minimum lengths of stairs

The usual minimum lengths for legally required stairs are 26 centimeters for unnecessary steps 24 centimeters. Open stairs must have an undercut of at least 3 centimeters.

Tips & Tricks

Before extending stairs, draw a true-to-scale plan of your project and have it checked by an experienced expert or building authority.

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