Stick stairs: imaginative design with stickers

Wall tattoos are not only suitable for walls, they also give the stairs a whole new, imaginative face. If you use the stickers with sensitivity, you will be a real eye-catcher, which will also captivate guests. We have put together the best ideas - let yourself be inspired!

Stick the stairs with writings

The vertical risers are particularly suitable for decorative design, they are the first sight. In addition, this area wears much less, because he will not enter. Writings and sayings in sticker form represent a beautiful design possibility.

By what words and sayings you label your staircase depends entirely on your personal preferences. Buy the letters individually and put together your own slogans - or have your sayings printed directly online. Our suggestions:

  • Sense for a better attitude to life
  • rich and funny quotes
  • Film and book titles
  • the names of the family members
  • for believers: Biblical quotations
  • Birthdays or other numbers games

Decorate the stairs with picture stickers

Of course, picture and photo stickers are also suitable for stair decorating. The selection ranges from playful ornaments to photorealistic images to geometric shapes. It is important that the design creates a uniform spatial picture.

We recommend to include the staircase wall in the overall design, so arrange the stickers so that the walls are also decorated with the other sticker. How about cute little babies, for example, romping on stairs and walls?

Use wallpaper for gluing

Even beautiful wallpaper are suitable for bonding the vertical risers. Nostalgic paper wallpapers with a '60s or' 70s pattern have a powerful effect and draw everyone's attention.

But also fine floral patterns or modern motifs are doing well on the papered stairs. However, never wallpaper the performances, because a wallpaper is not suitable as a floor covering.

Tips & Tricks

Seal the papered risers with a transparent varnish so that they can simply wipe off any dirt.

Video Board: Installing Stair Risers Vinyl Strips by SnazzyDecal