Measure the stairs horizontally and vertically

If an old staircase is to receive a new staircase or is doubled, measuring the steps is inevitable. While the measurement work can be accomplished relatively easily with straight staircases, the preparation of stencils is recommended for coiled staircases.

Up to six values ​​necessary

Depending on the intended replacement of the covering and the design of the staircase, up to six values ​​must be measured at each step. If only the treads in an open or closed to be glued, coated or occupied, the pure square size of the appearance is sufficient.

If a covering or doubling up of a closed staircase is planned, further values ​​must be determined. Depending on the construction height of the intended renovation and the presence of a T, the following dimensions must be calculated:

  • Depth of the steps
  • Height of the risers
  • Width of treads and risers
  • Strength of leading edge / onset of undercut
  • Depth of the undercut
  • Height of the cheeks

How to measure stairs

  • Cardboard or paper
  • duct tape
  • sketches bow
  • Measuring tape / folding rule or
  • laser measuring device
  • scissors
  • pen

1. Draw two stair plans

Before you start measuring, you should sketch two views of your staircase roughly on an A3 sheet of paper. The perspective from above in the floor plan of the staircase is used to enter the page dimensions for the surface determination. A side stair cut takes up all height measurements. The drafting of the stairs does not have to be accurate, but has enough room for visible entries.

2. Mark steps

In order to avoid any risk of errors due to reversed entries or step positions when measuring, number the steps and mark the leading edge with a "V" that you also apply to the later templates.

3. Straight steps

If you measure a straight staircase, you can determine the values ​​by applying the measuring device and transferring it to the sketch. Measure according to the type of stairs and the intended conversion.

4. Half-spiral steps

To measure a semi-spiral staircase, place a base paper or base paper in A4 size in the center of the surface to be measured and "fill in" the surface flush with the edges. Tape all snippets and mark the leading edges with a "V".

Tips & Tricks

Vertical stencils can be fixed well with removable adhesive pads, as they are available for posters in the trade.

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