Modernize the stairs: from safety to appearance

The renovation of an old staircase can be a real challenge without expert help, especially the safety aspects should be considered. Does the staircase still comply with the current standards? Does the construction need to be improved? But the look should be consistent after the modernization, an approximation to the current room ambience is recommended.

Statics and standards: how safe is my staircase?

In order to find out if the old staircase still meets the requirements of today's standards, you should contact a specialist. Construction technicians continue to help, but also the local carpenter provides information

Some service providers also offer a special staircase test, which costs around 100 EUR. The staircase check then serves as the basis for planning the further measures.

Improve the look of the stairs

To make the stairs visually more attractive, there are several different options to choose from. Which in your case is the best, depends entirely on the Vorzustand the stairs and your claims.

  • Pick up the stairs and recoating
  • Paint stairs in clear or transparent
  • Wooden staircase with stain change color
  • Treat wood surfaces with hard oil or hard oil wax
  • Paint concrete staircase with liquid plastic
  • Completely clad stairs with different materials
  • Replace or double stages

Restore a historic staircase

Historic stairs require special treatment, especially if they are in a Grade II listed building. The restoration of old components is about restoring functionality and the original visual character.

For this reason, there is usually no paneling for antique stairs, and any new paintings are usually based on what the staircase looked like in those days. So this is about value preservation - and to a certain extent also about nostalgia.

Modernize the staircase with a nice decoration

Even the decoration should not be missing in the staircase. These include decorative paintings as well as attractive lighting, a stylish banister and many other decorative elements.

How about LED lamps for the stairs? Or route stylish step mats on your stairs. A simple railing with a rope as a railing can be an aesthetic highlight, as well as a calligraphic lettering of the risers.

Tips & Tricks

As part of the modernization of the staircase, it is advisable to reschedule the entire staircase. This is how you achieve an appealing uniform spatial picture.

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