Decorate the landing stage appealingly

Above all, larger staircases offer themselves for creative decorating, it is important to pay attention to a uniform room image in the stairwell. Find your very own style, the red thread in your design concept - and decorate your stair landing with matching elements. Whether nostalgic, modern, classic or in a shabby-chic style: there is a suitable idea for every staircase.

Design tools in different styles

  • Nostalgic look: look around at the flea market or in the antique shop. Decorate your landing with an antique grandfather clock, a rocking chair and a hand-knotted carpet. Even an old sewing machine or a historical dressing table could fit.
  • Modern stage design: Modern design elements either set striking accents or blend discreetly into the room image. Even self-designed objects can be used! Suitable would be, for example, a chic floor vase, a modern light or a beautiful sculpture.

Classically beautiful: how about decorating the pedestal with pilasters and capitals set against the wall?

These design elements are relatively cheap to buy styrofoam, can also be colored. This includes a classic bust or sculpture.

  • Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic is shabby and chic at the same time, the design objects have clear signs of wear, but that does not mean they have to be old for a long time. How about a chest of drawers made of pallets, a vintage wooden picture or a fruit crate shelf on the landing?

Framing the stairway with light

To a really appealing decoration also includes a purposefully used light. The possibilities of lighting are manifold, from floor and wall spotlights to LED strips and floor lamps. Also, fairy lights are used for year-round lighting.

How about putting a powerful light accent on the landing stage? If the pedestal is decorated with a particularly beautiful piece of furniture or a mural, then the "Spotlight" effectively stages this area.

Also dimmable lamps on the landing are recommended, so that not only the brightness, but also the general atmosphere in the room regulate. But make sure that no stairs user is dazzled by the light!

In the 5th part of our series, you will learn how to specifically use lighting accents throughout the stairwell to skilfully illuminate the space.

Tips & Tricks

Textiles insulate the footfall sound in the stairwell, the stair landing looks particularly comfortable with a carpet or runner. Wall hangings provide more coziness.

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